Tokyo Jungle Ships 200,000 In Japan

Sony has sold over 200,000 copies of roller skating elephant sim, Tokyo Jungle.

The number includes both digital and Blu-ray disc versions of the game, which will be launched in the west at a later (and still to be decided) date.

The game has been supported by a number of DLC options including a ‘Silky Terrier’ and a ‘Saber Tiger’. This weeks DLC is ‘Erc-X’ and technology fans will notice that Erc-X bares more than a passing resemblance to Sony’s pet project, Aibo the robotic dog.

Source: AndriaSang


  1. I always wanted an Aibo and was quite disappointed that they discontinued them before I could afford one. Not that I was actively saving for one, but the thought/option was there.

    • Had the opportunity to get one for under £100 once…but alas I was a child and got bored of the idea before it could be sorted out!

  2. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this game

    it’s more than just an elephant roller skating – NHK (Japanese news channel) program Imagine-nation devoted half an hour to talking about it.

    a yen card is worth it alone and Shiki Tei (rampaging animals and a garden sim that lacks slugs) I should so live in Japan

  3. I just read the article and all the comments posted so far and I still have no idea what this is….

    *cautiosly opens a new tab and checks moderate search is specified*

  4. They’re adorable, I so badly want one. hehe.

  5. I want this game. It looks mental!

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