Analyst: Xbox 720 Will Cost $99

[videoyoutube]Michael Pachter, analyst for Wedbush Securities, has gone on record saying that as far as he’s concerned, the next Xbox (which most are still calling the 720, in lieu of an official name) will cost just $99.

Speaking at the Evolve conference, Pachter said that he thinks Microsoft have got their console strategy right, and predicts that the next Xbox is “going to be your television as well”, suggesting a built in tuner.


“You won’t need a ‘smart TV’ when you’ve got an Xbox 720, it will be your television and your internet,” he said.

“It’s going to be open architecture and I think its real trick will be that one Xbox will be able to display television to as many screens as you have in your possession.”

He also claims that the next Xbox will run Windows “for sure”, and you’ll be able to use SmartGlass to “shoot off” different channels all over the house. “That is happening, that I’m certain of,” he confirms, boldly, and apparently with some authority.

But that pricing claim?

“I’m pretty confident that in the US Microsoft is going to partner with a cable TV provider, so I expect that the console will be priced like a smart phone. I expect you’ll be paying $99 for the console with a cable TV subscription,” Patcher added.

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  1. I’m not too keen on all these subcription based products these days but this seems to be the future. I’ll just carry on with with my disgruntled face

    • The subscription model will not work here in the uk or europe. The US is unique in the fact that you cannot watch tv without a cable subscription. Here MS wouldn’t be able to charge because sky or virgin would never partner and share profits when they can sell their own boxes.

    • I think you’ll find that garlic bread is the future ;)

  2. Oh balls.

    Got ridiculously excited until I first the word ‘Pachter’ and then, later, ‘subscription.’

  3. and of course to view the cable TV /sat channels that you will already pay a subscription for you will be forced to pay again to view them through any Microsoft product.

  4. seems a bit far fetched to me.

  5. Well, that counts the xbox out as a choice for next-gen then, unless Pachter is talking out of his proverbial, as per usual.

  6. Are these still, wait for it………………….gaming consoles?!
    $99 along with some high end hardware? I suppose Xbox could make a loss and Windows and XBL with adverts make that money back super quick.

    I’m still going with a PS4.

  7. How much does this douche get paid?
    I could be an Analyst. The PS4 will cost £3.50 and be made of jelly. Easy.

  8. Yep… I’ll be sticking with pc for the next gen, unless there are some very compelling exclusives which I doubt. The truly fun gaming experiences for the last year or so have been only on pc, namely minecraft and dayz :D

  9. What a willy, he’s either late to the party with some dressed up speculation about an OnLive type console or he reckons it’ll be the Apple TV gadget to go with the Surface. Id put my money on the next XBox being a console with a wireless controller, a DVD drive of some kind, on and eject buttons, some USB sockets and it’ll play games and cost about £300. And the next Playstation will be the same but it’ll cost £400.

  10. Seriously, there should be a warning when an article contains the name Michael Pachter. I’m not sure that he is really an analyst, perhaps a slightly simple tea boy with a vivid and far fetched imagination and the company just wheel him out for a giggle.

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