Angry Birds Trilogy Coming To PS3 and Xbox 360

Angry Birds is coming to the PS3 (with Move), Xbox 360 (with Kinect) and the 3DS.

The game will be officially titled Angry Birds Trilogy and is a compilation of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio.


Activision say the console version is in “stunning HD” with “totally new controls built for a living room”, while the Nintendo 3DS game is “the first truly new Angry Birds handheld experience”.

“With Angry Birds Trilogy, every version supports the unique experience tailor-made for the platform,” said Rovio’s Petri Järvilehto.

“In addition to normal gamepad controls, with Xbox 360 we support Kinect for easy family-friendly game play. We’re seeing that resonate strongly especially with the younger audience.”

“With PS3 you can play also with the Move controller. On Nintendo 3DS we’re supporting Stereoscopic 3D and Streetpass.”

Angry Birds Trilogy will be available in Q4.



  1. Angry Birds on PS3 and not Vita?

    I can’t be the only one thinking how stupid that move seems…

    • Don’t see why they can’t, just get it up on the PS store and done. $$$

    • there’s a minis version, that might work on Vita.

      • Oh, I know.

        Doesn’t feel right without the touch screen though.

      • i actually preferred playing it with an an analog stick.

      • The Minis version is atrocious, it’s laggy and uninspiring.
        Really looking forward to this release (ahem), even though I’ve got three stars on all levels both on my mac and on my phone

  2. Price it right & i’ll probably buy it. Get it wrong & i won’t.

    I’m thinking about £7. Less preferably.

  3. gotta be better than the laggy ps-mini version…

  4. What is this Angry Birds for the PS3 you speak of? It looks like a side-scrolling retro version of the PSN classic, Pain.

  5. Are they supposed to be screen shots from the console versions as that 4th picture looks pretty blurry/low res to me. Admittingly I had a few Strongbow’s in my lunch break but its normally just my memory that blurs!

  6. stereoscopic 3d on the 3ds?

    considering there’s just two planes, the foreground where the moving stuff is and the background, where the background is, and both are 2d, they could probably throw a shadow under the foreground stuff, like they do in southpark, to get the same effect. ^_^

  7. Angry birds needs to die, this company is a one hit wonder that’s why they milking it. Oh and Rio is the worst angry bird game!

    Also why pay when u can get them for free on iPhone…

    • Are they free on iPhone? I thought that was only Android?

      (I know they are generally only pennies even so, but still…)

      • Yeh they are free, the only one I paid for is the latest one. The space one, 69p I think

      • No they’re not, although sometimes (like right now for Angry Birds Seasons) they’re free for a week or something.

        All 4 games are paid for, although they do give cut-down trial versions a free price tag all the time.

      • Actually, I’d like to buy Seasons for my Android, so I could get rid of the ads – but I can’t find such a version.

      • No need – If you turn off your net connection before playing, you won’t get the ads pop up – The game will be stored on your device & doesn’t actually require the connection to run, so you can still play.

      • @scavenga I think the only Premium (i.e. ad-free) Angry Birds game on Android is the Space one.

    • I totally agree, I don’t get the angry birds fuss, I think its absolute turd. Trial and error at its worst. Honestly, I don’t get how it became so popular, the gameplay is nonexistent.

      • Everyone likes to watch stuff crumble. I think that’s pretty much about it.

      • yeah, smashing stuff is always fun. ^_^

    • Angry Birds isn’t for everyone but try to see it from other people’s perspective. You don’t have to buy them. I, for one, will probably purchase it/them as I’ve always wanted to play it in HD with the Move controller.

  8. Place your bets for its price.

  9. Angry Birds Rio??? What about AB Space???
    I have the 3 AB Game’s (except the Rio) and i like them. I have them in my iPod and in my 1h30m of transports every day i play a bit. But that’s all.
    After a time it gets boring and then, after some time it gets interesting again and on and on…

    • I’m guessing there’s not enough levels on Space to sell it just yet.

  10. no Vita version is nuts.

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