Metal Gear Solid 4 To Finally Get A Trophy Patch

The holy grail of games still awaiting trophies – Metal Gear Solid 4 – will finally get a patch to enable the virtual silverware.

The news comes via an interview with Hideo Kojima in this week’s Famitsu magazine over in Japan, and whilst there’s no date set yet for the patch, MGS4 is getting a budget release in August.


Konami is also supposed to be holding a Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary Event on August 30th.

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  1. Was NOT expecting that. A four year old game getting a trophy patch!
    Pretty happy though. Will be intrigued to see what they come up with after the creativity Bluepoint showed in the HD collection….
    Now just tell us when goddamn t!

  2. Wicked! I may finally play it now

  3. If there is a trophy for being caught out a million times I’ve already earned it, “BBRRIINNKK!”

  4. This is great news. Playing through the HD Collection just now and was planning on playing 4 again once I had completed 2 & 3.

  5. I have to admit, that was pretty darn late.

  6. Maybe it will encourage me to finish it. Tried several times but the cutscenes and excessive bosses found me getting very bored.

    • Don’t get it, the plane cutscenes can be skipable (longest) and watched at a later time and even the bosses’s weren’t like Monster Hunter levels of kill time, you just needed the best weapons that you could get and have a strategy.

      Meh differences

      • But what’s the point in watching cutscenes after you have gone through the story? Surely it is more beneficial to watch them as you play so you have some idea of what’s going on, no?

        Basically, on a first playthrough you should watch the cutscenes as you need to know the story. Subsequent playthroughs, yes go ahead & skip them. I think he was referring to the sheer length & amount of them is all.

  7. Wow, I honestly thought this would never receive a patch. I suspect that implementing trophies for the HD issues of MGS 2 & 3 gave them confidence to update MGS4.
    Hopefully this encourages people who have missed out to give it a go.
    Now, hopefully the trophy list isn’t too brutal.

  8. The day after I delete the install for MGS4 this gets released. Oh well, just have to do that again. Will probably come out around when I start my job early september too which is annoying but still good news.

  9. Prepare yourself for the inevitable Get the Big Boss emblem trophy.

    • It was fun to acquire it though :]

  10. Good for the ones that complain about it lacking trophies, bad that there is no hints of a updated version and ugly that the thought of a digital copy frightens me and my PS3’s hard-drive.

    • No fear – They’ll just patch the disc version.

      No idea how big that patch will be of course (!), but it shouldn’t be too bad, as they are only adding trophy support.

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