Metal Gear Solid 4 To Finally Get A Trophy Patch

The holy grail of games still awaiting trophies – Metal Gear Solid 4 – will finally get a patch to enable the virtual silverware.

The news comes via an interview with Hideo Kojima in this week’s Famitsu magazine over in Japan, and whilst there’s no date set yet for the patch, MGS4 is getting a budget release in August.


Konami is also supposed to be holding a Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary Event on August 30th.

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  1. It’s about time. Also MGS day is on my birthday, which is nice

  2. Has anything actually been said about *where* it is releasing?
    The Tomb Raider: Underworld patch came out in Japan ages before Europe, with little word on if it would be released elsewhere at all.
    Not getting too excited… yet. :)

    • Tomb Raider Underworld has trophies now doesn’t it? I’m sure I can remember them popping up.

      • It does – I have the plat. :)

        Although 50 Cent: Blood on the sand was only patched for trophies in one region (either Japan or America, can’t remember off-hand).

        Not that anyone really cared mind you.

      • @Forrest_01
        Yep, 50 Cent is Japan-only still.
        This is why it does not absolutely mean other territories will get the patch, even though there is much demand.

    • Yeah, Underworld has trophies; I think acrid was implying that the MGS patch might release in Japan first a while before Europe gets it, as did the TRU trophy patch. Or….we might be queued!

      • That is exactly what I meant, thanks for noticing. :)
        “The patch came out in Japan ages before Europe…” – that either implies it is out in Europe now, or that the patch came out before Europe existed.
        Without the benefit of being me (which is marvellous, I assure you) I think I would have assumed the former.

  3. Best news EVAAAAR!

    Has only put one playthrough into this masterpiece and was hoping for trophies to make me return to the game :)

  4. That is amazing. Honestly, after getting all the trophies for MGS2 and 3 I’m really looking forward to what they have in store for MGS4 trophies. You just know they will include all emblems or Big Boss emblem in the list. Either way, it would add so much replay value to game that I haven’t played since the demise of MGO a month or so ago. I haven’t played the main game in a good year or so. Really loving this news.

  5. That’s crazy. Hopefully they won’t be rock-hard.

    Either way, it will get me to replay one of the finest games of this generation.

    • I suspect it will be quite hard, or at least many many playthroughs. On the plus side, no online grinding trophies what with MGO being gone! :D

      • “Hermit: Hide in a locker for a full 24 hours – Bronze”

      • “Derren Brown” – hide in a cardboard box without rations for 24 hours.

      • “David Blaine: ‘Survive’ in a cardboard box without rations for 3 months… Without anyone really giving a damn – Bronze”

      • Oh bugger, did I get those two idiots mixed up, lol ;)

      • There’s a great one in the first Lego Harry potter game called solid snape where you have to hide in a barrel, as snape.

      • “Pervert: Zoom into all the ‘art’ mags lying around – Gold

  6. Great news. Never thought I’d see any of the older games get a Trophy patch at this point. Happy it’s MGS4.

    • Me too, might finally tempt me to play it, still haven’t bothered, not only because it doesn’t have trophies but because the whole series is utterly mental and I generally haven’t got a clue what its talking about. What the hell is the laleilouleilo or whatever the hell they were banging on about?
      Next up, Sid Meier’s civilisation revolution :-)

      • The LaLiLuLeLo is a bit difficult to understand without spoilers. It’s basically code for ‘The Patriots’ Although I’m a bit rusty on the ol’ MGS knowledge as I haven’t really played through them in ages.

      • I tried playing MGS4 and i found it really crap….. but then maybe 4 hours of play isnt enough to get into rolling down a hill in a barrel, hiding from everything.

        I just dont get it. Someone needs to explain these games to me.

      • *gasps and prepares himself for this* JUUSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTT DIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! *causes several nuclear explosions* I didn’t mean to nuke a few places. :O

        I actually understood the plot but i can’t explain it to you as i would break the comment system and Peter would ban me from using the TSA time kettle. Yes, we now have a time kettle.

  7. Please let the 25th anouncement be a MGS4 PS Vita version

    • So is this the 24th announcement is it? What were the other 23?? :P

  8. Never really got into MGS…if its cheap enough i may take the plunge.

  9. I’ll remain sceptical until it actually releases.
    And I really hope that by importing existing saves it also imports the relevant trophies. I got all the emblems and every unlockable in the game when it first released, I really really really do NOT want to do another Big Boss Extreme run!

    • The chance of retro-active trophies will be almost 0% :)

    • Indeed, you’ll have to do everything again. I can’t think of a single singleplayer game being patched up with retroactive Trophies.

      This only happened for multiplayer games (BFBC and Warhawk come to mind).

      They want to avoid people copying saves and getting Trophies this way.

  10. I always thought it was amusing that MGS2 and MGS3 now had trophies, but 4 didn’t – was really not expecting that though!

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