Rumour: No New PS3 Model For Gamescom

[drop2]Sony’s planned reveal of the new slimmer, smaller and top-loading PS3 at gamescom has been cancelled, rumours are suggesting.

The new model – coded CECH 4000 – was widely expected to form the centrepiece of SCEE’s press conference, but that appears to have changed.


Citing “sources”, VG247 are saying that the announcement will now not happen next month because stock levels of the current 3000 model PS3 are still “too high”.

In related news, it’s claimed that the 16GB version – something we’ve discussed at length recently – is very much real and will come with a ridiculously low price point.

The rumour suggesting it might even release at the budget-friendly and all important £99 mark.

We’ll see come August.



  1. Oh God. When it’s not £99 the internet will explode and call it a rip off :(

  2. Wow if it’s £99 I’m sold. Would use it for my travels round the country. If its not at gamescom then presumably TGS will be the place to be.

  3. will buy another on just for back up & get my nice one for Xmas she loves my PS3.

  4. Nah, a new PS3 will be shown at GamesCom(i just got a feeling) :P + Of course SONY wants people to think that there won’t be a Newer/Cheaper PS3 coming because then people will wait & that will hurt the PS3 sales now + Anyway i hope a cheaper PS3 does come ASAP really.

  5. If they can get the PS3 to a low price point fro Christmas, adding the PS+ subscription with free games and a great back catalog, for the first time ever I think Sony might just fill the gap for this generation. Until they screw themselves over for the next generation, of course.

  6. I would buy that in a heart beat for the living room: a blu-ray-watching-protein-folding-sometimes-gaming machine!

  7. Yay! Rumours to quash rumours.

  8. The 16Gb will work well with my Crucial 512Gb SSD ;-)

  9. Hold on whats this! no new ps3 model for gamescom! bugger… :o

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