More Maintenance For PlayStation Network

Sony has announced that there will be some more maintenance for the PlayStation Network.

The maintenance begins on Thursday 27th July at 16:00 BST, lasting until 8:00 on Friday 28th July. While this occurs you won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store from the PS3, Vita or PSP. Account Management and Account Registration will also be unavailable. Online Play will also be affected, but if you are logged in before the maintenance begins you will be able to stay online.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. “Oh maintenance, where have you been in my life? It’s been two weeks now. We need maintenance on the PSN just to tell us we are alive. If we didn’t have maintenance we could just get on with our lives but you, my dear maintenance, make us question things and thus live more fulfilled lives. Oh thank you, thank you!”

  2. -Sigh-

  3. Yay! No access to Netflix for me!

  4. Jesus – I’ve never seen something need as much maintenance as the PSN.

    Perhaps it’s time to upgrade from the tin cans & rubber bands that apparently keep PSN running?

    • You don’t mean, the steel cans and plastic bands do you? Because if you do then you are a madman! Sony can only afford to use the rusted tin cans and the rubber bands you know!

      • I think they are due for an upgrade – We should surely at least be seeing a tupperware & string connection by now? It is 2012 & all.

      • I think they did try to get it but they are not willing to pay £5 in total for it. Tight barstewards! So i suspect they will be downgrading PSN to 1 pea and half a straw. :O

      • tupperware and string?

        don’t be silly now.

        scee are still at the, banging the rocks together, stage.

      • ^_^

        forgot to add that.

      • They know how to bang rocks together!? I thought that they had barely got past the lighting a fire stage and were currently wondering what’s that yellow thing in the sky, which was the real cause for the PSN hack a few years back. :O

  5. Could this be the PSOne titles update on Vita? Or maybe not; they’re quite proud of that update so they’d probably say if that’s the case.

  6. Can we at least start earning trophies for maintenance?

    • I think we would’ve all platinumed by now.

  7. Can’t really see much of a problem with this. Sony have timed it for the day after people should have made their Wednesday store update purchases, and online play still works fine during the maintenance.
    So you can’t change your XMB Avatar on that day……the World collapses!! :P

    • Bit annoying if you have a meet or something online planned though.

      “Online Play will also be affected, but if you are logged in before the maintenance begins you will be able to stay online”

      I don’t know too many people that can get home before 16:00 tbh.

      • They always say that but never happens in my case at least. Never been affected during online play during maintenance.
        That is why I never understand the fuss people make about it. But I realize others do have problems with it.
        We haven’t had any maintenance for a while so Im not bothered by it in the slightest as usual.

      • I’m able to log into PSN during the maintenance, without having to be online before the start of it.
        It did used to be a case a year or so back though that any maintenance meant that you had to be online before it started.
        I think that Sony just advise being logged in before the start just as a precaution, but it aint the law! :P

      • Doesn’t usually affect me too much either & am just fortunate that i have nothing planned at the moment, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that the PSN goes down more than ‘Blowjob Betty’ from the local street corner.

        As mentioned, some do have trouble with this sort of thing & it really does bother me that we get 48hrs notice for something that they probably planned weeks ago.

        Still annoys me that they never bother telling us why either.

      • It certainly does seem to require a lot of maintenance, hopefully all for improvement of the service for our benefit, and not just quick fixes to problems that shouldn’t be there
        Oh!…any chance of your street name….so I can update the points of interest on my SatNav :P

  8. I was wondering when we would have maintance again. Would explain the heat that we have seen for the past few weeks as i suspect Sony has upset the weather by not doing maintance once a week. :p

  9. Its like Sunday in the UK, they should just say to us European gamers that Maintenance Thursday is for rest from now on, no enjoyment from your console on Thursdays. Sorry.

  10. Thursday?
    Did the Store Update Day change again? :P

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