PlanetSide 2’s Full Length CGI Trailer Is Stunning

A couple of weeks ago, Sony Online Entertainment teased a flashy-looking CGI trailer for upcoming MMOFPS, PlanetSide 2. Well, it’s here and there’s no excuse not to watch it.


As we predicted, SOE has teamed up with animation experts Blur for the three and half minute cinematic shoot-out. It may lack the colour and vibrancy of PlanetSide’s robust visuals, though definitely helps sell the game’s emphasis on a constant three-way battle, also focusing on the individual feats of players.

The free-to-play huge-scale scale shooter has yet to get a firm release date. We’re likely to hear more as PlanetSide 2 gears up for beta in the coming weeks.



  1. Signed up for the beta. I hope I can get a code. The game looks fun.

  2. Great visuals…nice start of the day!

  3. you just have your steel, and your will.
    and a bloody jetpack. ^_^

    sweet way to finally introduce the female combatants.
    just my style, kill the enemy before they even know you’re there.

    that’s why i like the Siren in borderlands, well, that and she’s the only woman.

    cool video though, shame that a lot of the stuff from the video won’t be possible in game.
    i wonder when we’ll get in game visuals like that.

    • Thought you would like that bit towards the end ;)

      The trailer also does a good job at defining the three in-game factions.

  4. I have every faith that this will be a great game although I’m still a little pessimistic about how playable it will be without splashing a little cash.

    Regardless, every new tidbit about it seems to suggest it will be a corker, and steal a fair whack of the Battlefield crowd that expected something on this scale from BF3, but didn’t quite get it.

  5. Looking very good. For some reason the first 30 seconds or so made me think that someone had just lifted Halo into a part of Skyrim

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