Warhammer “Legends” Planned For Wrath Of Heroes

Despite still being in beta, BioWare Mythic has been pumping its manic Warhammer Online MOBA with new content on an almost bi-weekly basis. In the past couple of months we’ve seen a slew of new playable heroes, out-of-game features and even a new scenario (game mode).

As fans prepare for next week’s addition to the character roster, Mythic has announced that several icons from the Warhammer Fantasy fiction will soon be making their debut on the battlefield. The Games Workshop IP has been in circulation for over twenty five years now, supplemented by a vast collection of novels and short stories, all of which adding colour to the expansive Warhammer universe.


Legendary Heroes will launch periodically and, according to the studio’s latest blog post, won’t interfere with the game’s regular release schedule. It’s also worth pointing out that these characters are available for Gold only (earned in-game) and not Gems (purchased with real money).

If you’re into PC gaming and looking for something a little different, give Wrath of Heroes a try. If you need a helping hand, our Hall of Heroes series started last week with player favourite, Aessa Goldmane.

Source: Wrath of Heroes