GTA V Viral Marketing Kicks Off With “Epsilon Program” Site

American religion is no stranger to parody in the Grand Theft Auto games, but despite a no-show yesterday for GTA V in Take-Two’s financial report, Rockstar have started to grind up the hype mill.

The first thing to appear after the first trailer and a couple of screenshots? A viral marketing site called Epsilon Program and a related Twitter account.


You’ll need to dive in and have a proper look around – there’ll be loads of clues in there relating to the upcoming third person steal-em-up – and let us know if you find anything.

Like, say, an anagram of the site’s HTML title?

For more info on GTA V, including lots of things you didn’t know, click here.



  1. The nintendo 3ds xl with bigger screen is so big it has broken the articles on my iPad. I can’t see the article!

    • Wow you sorted that fast. No longer is that pesky 3ds blocking my view. Cheers.

  2. Following them on twitter now, the website is weird, but doesn’t say much, I’m sure that religion will play some kind of role in the game, as humour and probably having to kill the leader for some stupid reason, or doing missions for him.

  3. Lol at 5. on the website “Everyone is related to everyone else, except for people with red hair – FACT!”

    • Which is funny as red hair actually comes through (into a family tree) because of inbreeding. Ah… where’s nemesis1derbra when you need to talk to an Irishman?

      • Red hair the greatest colour ever – FACT!

  4. More scientology than science haha ! :)

  5. 9’s a good’un too: Trees talk, but only some people hear them – FACT!

  6. Ehm… This site isn’t new at all. I’ve known about for for a couple of years. It was made for San Andreas I believe.

    The twitter account may be new though.

  7. Twitter account is new as far as i know but the website definitely isn’t. That was around for GTA4

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