Even More Resi 6 Footage, This Time With Boobs

Yet more footage from Resident Evil 6 has appeared and this time we get to see a variation on that classic PlayStation meme Giant Enemy Crab, but with a twist – this one has breastydumplings.


Just in case you have not had the entire game spoiled by the hours of video footage floating around the internet, this video is taken from Ada Wong’s campaign which is unlocked when you complete the Leon, Chris and Jake campaigns (or ‘finish the game’ as it’s known around these parts).

The breast caressing boss had previously been leaked by the ESRB who said ‘during one attack move, she briefly caresses her breasts while straddling on players’ character’.

It had been assumed this would be during one of the main stories but the video is from Ada’s campaign which means this is not just a breast caressing spider crab boss, it’s a lesbian breast caressing spider crab boss! Phwooar, eh lads?

Resident Evil 6 producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, has also addressed some the issues found in the recent Xbox 360 demo.

‘There were certain things that gamers felt stressed about,’ Hirabayashi told IGN, ‘One of the main concerns was the camera. We decided that was one thing we had to fix, that we had to work on that camera – we’re actually working on that right now’

Hirabayashi also said the game’s pacing would be understood when people play the full game and that the screen tearing issues were ‘a priority for the team’.

Source: YouTube / IGN



  1. I watched a quick look of the demo and it was tearing constantly. Horrible to look at.

  2. Looks like a less-fluid Dead space 3…

  3. Looks awesome, can’t wait :D Great to hear the Ada campaign will be a freebie

  4. “breastydumplings”?

    ok. o_O

    “it’s a lesbian breast caressing spider crab boss!”
    they’re the best kind. ^_^

    i’ve pretty much slated the direction they’re taking with this.
    but i’ll probably end up buying a copy when it reaches a bargain bin somewhere.

  5. Holy crap this looks absolutely awful to play!

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