Teaser Clip Suggests GRID 2 Is Coming

Looks like the rumoured GRID 2 is a thing indeed, with Codemasters issuing the below teaser, with something else set to appear next week.


The video doesn’t give much away but GRID was brilliant, let’s hope this sequel – if that’s what it is – will hold up nicely.

Via VG247.



  1. Never played Grid, but heard a lot of good things about it – If this looks good (when we know more about it of course), i might be in this time.

    • Oh it is amazing. Its fairly arcady but the racing is still quite serious, much like NFS Shift, except Codies have just made it brilliant fun to play and very involving! Its cheap on eBay too.

      • Do you have to tweak engines, ratios & that other stuff though or can you just jump in a car & go?

        & do you get penalised for scraping other cars? If so, that might mean me out (my driving style tends to lean to the aggressive side!).

      • No to both :)

      • So i meant, you can jump in and go

      • Ah, awesome – Provided they don’t decide to add stuff like that into this game, i’ll be all over it.

        Codies do know how to make a good racer.

        Now they just need to figure out how to get voice chat to continue to work during loading screens!! :D

      • Hmm, if voice chat doesn’t work does the fact that the pit crew and sexy menu narrator lady talk to you using your real name? They even have Kieren in the list for once , I didn’t have to be called Gary!

      • Dunno, but what i do know is that when multiplayer matches load in both Dirt 3 & Showdown (& i guess possibly Dirt 2, but i wouldn’t know about that one), there is no voice chat – You have to wait until its finished to continue what you were saying! :D

  2. Now this is a racer that I can really get in to. The original Grid was the first game that I ever played on PS3 and absolutely loved it. Always loved racers and can’t wait for this as I haven’t played a decent racer for ages. GT5 just seemed too stale and I lost interest fairly quickly, but this should be a real blast when it arrives.

    IT IS GRID 2 I know that logo and I still have Grid in my possession.
    The Driving Game of the Year
    Racing just got EXCITING AGAIN

    Sorry this is the best thing I have seen on a best day of the week
    Happy Days!

    • For your outpouring of love you was going to get my first ever ‘Like’ on TSA but it doesn’t seem to work on my phone so I can’t.

      Fantastic news. Can’t wait.

    • “Joygasm”. That’s my new favourite word, I’ve got a meeting with the boss later, I’ll see if I can drop that in.

  4. Lets just hope they don’t mess it up. Grid was almost perfect, so for once im hoping for more of the same.

    • the only problem i had with grid was the online. it was fun until someone got bored and messed the whole race up and crashed into everybody going the other way. it happened a hell of a lot to me

      • yeah I agree – that was always annoying. Had a few people who would reverse on the starting grid too. There was a demolition derby so no idea why they didnt stick to that.

      • Don’t worry when we have TSA Meets its all fair racing. But yeah it was annoying years ago especially the reversing and I think going wrong way to for a head on crash unless that was on the 8 Nascar Track style.
        It’s been years since I played GRID

      • You get those people in other games, but these days you generally get reset the right way if you try to drive round the track backwards.

        You still get reversers in Showdown of course, but there its somewhat accepted as a valid tactic (as it is full contact anyway).

  5. Didn’t like GRID, not a fan of the handling and the wheel support was atrocious. Hopefully this one will be a lot better in that department.

    • :( My favourite racing game of this gen….!

  6. Me and my friends loved “wrecking” players lol. We’d all line up at the finish line and racers would crash into us and wreck themselves out of the race. Good times.

  7. Finally. Can’t wait. Just make it identical to the last one with more real life racing series and more tracks and cars and even more fleshed out livery editor and it’ll be great.

  8. OH. MAI. GAWD! Need I say more? :P Happiest gaming day of the year so far!

    • “Need I say more”

      I could’ve gone for a ‘F*ck Yeah!’, but what you said will do. :)

  9. Finally, something might be shown for this game soon. April 2013. Slightly concerned it’s a made up car in that teaser but hopefully just some CGI for a teaser.

    • Haha, I must admit that the teaser car looked more like a Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 car, than a Grid 2 car at first glance.
      That’d be a cool combo, Criterion and Codemasters developing a racer together :P

  10. Great news. Love GRID. Even enjoyed mucking around. The old, if someone shunted me off then i’d take them out. Had plenty of great races on this game, was always nice to wind down by fucking around online when there were a bunch of people doing it also. Would love more touring car races. Those were the highlight of thid game!

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