GRID 2 Gets Free Demolition Derby DLC

Codemaster’s last attempt at a demolition derby, DIRT Showdown, received a mixed response from its audience. Thankfully the new mode in GRID 2  is said to be an update akin to the content found in the highly praised RaceDriver: GRID.

The free DLC includes the Jupiter Eagle Ray Mk 5 car with a range of liveries and the Detroit Demolition Derby Stadium in two configurations.


The Demolition Derby DLC can be played alone or with freinds via split screen or online. It is available now on Xbox 360 and PC and should be coming to PlayStation 3 with next week’s store update.

Source: YouTube.



  1. I’m still waiting for a fix for the last update, hurry up Codies.

    • It has been patched now. I used my previously “corrupt” save file successfully yesterday. Also includes the hardcore playlist and other updates

      • Cheers for mentioning that, I had turned off the PS+ auto patch update as it would have kept downloading the ‘broken’ one so didn’t know. Will give it a go.

  2. Nice that its free but it should’ve been in from the start.

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