Codemasters Tease Rally Game

It looks like Codemasters are teasing some new rally game, hopefully something Colin McRae related although it’s more likely to be something in the more recent DIRT style.


The image comes from the studio’s Rich Eddy, who said earlier this morning that he was “working on a new thing to announce tomorrow” which would “bring back lots of memories.”

Codemasters used to make really good, solid rally games. Before, well, you know. This looks likely to be something related to the second McRae game, given the car, the typeface and the styling.

This post previously suggested this might be DIRT 2 DLC. Which is obviously nonsense.



  1. They might be going back to their roots with a proper rally game.

  2. I hope its proper Rally game with good handling, Dirt 3 was disappointing, though from Dirt 2 it wasn’t so bad.

  3. I preferred V-Rally but I’m open to a re-make of McRae.

    • Best Racing game I have ever owned. McRae just didn’t do it for me.

      • Same here. V-Rally on the PS1 was revolutionary! Played it for days. I even remember waking up drunk at about 4am with a beer in my hand and Boney M ‘Rasputin’ blaring out of my hifi whilst my car was stalled somewhere in Corsica with a 4hr lap time. As to why I was listening to a CD with Boney M on, I don’t know… It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

    • Well, hello there! I haven’t bought a racer in years but V-Rally was stunning with a friend on split-screen. I don’t think I’ve ever driven (in a game) where the crashes felt so real. How do we know? YouTube. That’s how!

      You could be tearing down a straight and just touch the edge a little too much and the loss of control and impending tumble/flip was absolutely effing spot-on. You just had time to shout “tiiiiiits!” as your car went into this-is-going-to-hurt mode.

      Bloody… bloody awesome call.

  4. Haven’t played a decent rally game in years. Hopefully this is a return to earlier rally games. I didn’t get along with the DiRT titles as they were filled with a load of other crap I didn’t care about.

    • My thoughts exactly. I wanna race, not knock down cones whilst doing donuts with annoying commentaries.

    • …so I think it could be a Colin McRae game, or at the very least a proper non-DiRT rally game….at least I hope!

  5. The last Rally game I’ve enjoyed was Sega Rally (I think…). Actually, it’s the only Rally game I’ve played since then besides what they had in GT5.
    I’d be up for a good Rally game on the PS4!

  6. Colin McRae 3 on PS2 was my favourite of the bunch. A HD version would be awesome so i hope it’s something along those lines and not another ‘shouty’ game.

  7. Yeah,no offence to ‘hip’ americans but bring the legend (RIP) back!

  8. Can’t stand lack of kerning in advertisements. Wish people would learn to design properly.

    • Ha! Isn’t it weird how bunching the letters together (zero kerning or even negative amounts) is “in” at the moment.

    • I have no idea why but I always use -20 or -40 kerning on nearly everything I design lol

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