Codemasters Tease Rally Game

It looks like Codemasters are teasing some new rally game, hopefully something Colin McRae related although it’s more likely to be something in the more recent DIRT style.

The image comes from the studio’s Rich Eddy, who said earlier this morning that he was “working on a new thing to announce tomorrow” which would “bring back lots of memories.”

Codemasters used to make really good, solid rally games. Before, well, you know. This looks likely to be something related to the second McRae game, given the car, the typeface and the styling.

This post previously suggested this might be DIRT 2 DLC. Which is obviously nonsense.


  1. Confirmed, Colin on IOS.


    • The franchise will be as dead as… *thinks of suitable ending*. :-)

  2. Do want proper rally events and stages. Hated all the random crap that was in Dirt 3.

  3. I think the Dirt series has gone too far away from what it started out as (CMR), which is fine if that’s what you like, but I hope they go back to it’s roots as CMR was a brilliant series of games.

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