Amazing “Curiosity” Molydeux Trailer

Peter Molyneux’s curiously crazy Curiosity experiment – you know, the ‘game’ with the cube that you have to hack away at with everyone else in the world unless you buy the ridiculously priced in-app purchase that spoils the party – has now got a brilliant new trailer.


Except, of course, it’s from Molydeux, Molyneux’s long-term spoof Twitter account and genuine source of much merriment. Which one said “everything’s on rails” – I forget?

The video, which Molydeux says is a “rough video edit proposed by the marketing team” is actually the real reason he left Microsoft. “Not only were they showing my creation as it was not intended,” claims the parody, “but they were also trying to change the actual game design.”

“I cannot forgive them for this.”




  1. Good on P Moly…. for standing up for his creation, still don’t know what it is though.

  2. My ears have been sawn off.

  3. Only on Games for Windows Live. And better with Kinect.

    • And now better with Kinect Motion plus for windows Live Move edition.

      • with built in Bing functionality. ^_^

  4. What the fuck was that

  5. the thing that makes these molydeux videos so funny is, they could almost be real.

  6. Xanax…drool …sleep

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