Looks Like Source Engine 2 Is Coming

Files dug up from the recent Source Filmmaker application suggest that Valve are working on Source Engine 2, which is possible the best game related leak for months.

Over at Valvetime the guys have donned their detective hats, and the evidence looks clear enough.


“We’re only one file deep,” says the post, “and already it’s clear that the references to ‘Source 2’ are indeed referring to a next-gen engine that Valve is currently developing.”

Apparently there’s about 60 references to a “next-gen” Source 2. One example is in the a file called vproj.py and says, on one line – “If key doesn’t doesn’t exist, assume ‘Source’, otherwise invalid — assume next-gen ‘Source 2’.”

Source was an amazingly versatile engine – is Source 2 what’s going to power the fabled Half Life 3?



  1. So I guess Source 2 Engine will be Valve’s last engine? They seem to have a problem with the number 3.

  2. Haha, cutting! True though, unless they decide that its okay to add 0.1 to 2, that would be like splitting the episodic atom.

    • But then they would be stuck at 2.2 until they release 2.2.2 and so forth…

      • You’ve stumbled across the beauty of decimal places, you can have as many as you like… I hope Gabe isn’t reading this.

      • I see that you have encountered the decimal zone. The place between numbers, where no full numbers exist and have no limit on the amount of decimals.

      • It’s the mathematical equivalent of the friend zone…

      • It’s more like the space between spaces. The universe that is inbetween all of the other universes. I’m told that their food is bloody amazing.

  3. I hope there’s some truth behind this as i would love another Half Life game!

  4. Yay *waves flag*

  5. Hugely important for many as the Source engine has been incredibly flexible for programmers to use (and mod with). Sure, I want to see what Valve do with it but it was always about the engine and not the looks. The damn thing runs on nearly everything which is a huge lesson to the shit Crytek used to push out. Sure, Crysis was/is lovely looking but when that came out, people had to sellotape nuclear reactions to the side of their PCs just to click “NEW GAME”.

    • A next gen Source engine could be even better than the original for modding. I wouldn’t be surprised if Valve replace their lighting engine with something deferred, then people would be able to make changes and preview them straight away with the full lighting model, which is a huge deal. Ya know what? I’m willing to bet that the next gen version of Hammer will look alot like Source Filmmaker with a GUI wrapped around the game engine.

      Plus they could finally add support for level streaming, the frequency of load points were getting alittle on the silly side with Portal 2. I’ve just made myself excited about something that isn’t even confirmed yet.

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