Wrath Of Heroes Update Is Live, New Character Added

Another week, another update for BioWare’s still-in-beta MOBA, Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes. Fairly light on features and fixes, this latest patch allows players to adopt Korith, Conrad, and Volrik for a full week without paying in gold or gems.

Keeping with its recent fortnightly schedule Mythic has also launched yet another playable character, bringing the current total to sixteen. Korelei is a high-offence hero capable of shredding her way through single targets. Each of her abilities has an added side-effect (including damage over time, crit debuff, reduced cooldowns). Not only that, Korelei’s passive ability, Khaine’s Favour, means the Witch Elf only takes 50% damage from ranged attacks (unless the attacker is at point blank range.)


Last week the developer announced the introduction of “Legendary Heroes”, iconic characters from the Warhammer world that will soon be playable in WoH. Despite giving an ETA of “very soon” we’ve yet to hear more.

If you’re interested in playing Wrath of Heroes, you can sign-up and download the game here for free. Existing players should keep any eye on our bi-weekly “Hall of Heroes” feature for tips and hero-by-hero advice.