Hideo Kojima Presenting At Eurogamer Expo

Konami has just announced that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima will be in London this September to host a developer session at this year’s Eurogamer Expo.

In celebration of Kojima’s work on the Metal Gear series, he will present a keynote speech on the 27th, and the full range of Metal Gear games will be “well represented” at the expo.


Rising: Revengeance and the Zone of the Enders HD Collection will both be playable at the event, and there’ll be a special retro-themed area playing host to every Metal Gear game.

We’ll be there, come and say hi.



  1. Haha – From the title i just had an image of him standing on stage wearing a mac, then opening said mac & dropping it to the floor, revelaing his pure nakedness whilst he proclaims “ta-daaa!”.

    • “At Kojima’s press conference, the latest ‘Rising’ teaser was not what people were expecting…”

    • I suspect he will show everyone the real Solid Snake. I swear you are trying to set a record for the most amount of comments that end up on Community Chronicle. ;)

  2. :D awesome, though I’m going on the 30th :(

    • Me & the wife will be there on the 29th.

      It’s ok though – I don’t need to see Kojimas willy. :)

  3. Want to go! Need to get my mates interested.

  4. But there won’t be enough time to play every MGS game due to the 10 hour plus cutscenes. Wonder if he will announce MGS5 for both the PS3 and 360 with the PS3 being the lead platform as i think Hideo’s team knows the PS3 very well and could do a decent port from it to the 360.

    • I wouldn’t think so. Can’t think of any of Kojima’s games that have released on more than one platform simultaneously.

      • True but judging from the MGS HD collection being released at the same time on both consoles, i can see him releasing it just so that the people who have only just got into MGS or are already a fan of MGS can get the almost complete story of the MGS franchise. Or he may surprise us and release it on the Wii U.

      • The Fox engine changes thing. MGS5 is more than likely a multi-platform release.

  5. I am going on the Saturday, I hope he does more days, would love to see him

  6. Wish this was in Australia, I would love to meet him.

  7. The 27th is the Thursday isn’t it? Woop woop! I’m going on the 27th :D I’m really excited! I wanted to go as cosplay, as i’ve never done that before, but a) i don’t know if many people there will cosplay and b) i’ll look like a freak because no one i know will cosplay with me!

    • There’s a lot of cool cosplayers at the event each year.

  8. I’m going on that day! Yes, can’t wait!

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