WeView: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

We’ve covered Modern Warfare 2 in the past, but for some reason we’ve never gotten round to the final part of the trilogy before. However, it came top of yesterday’s poll, so here we are with the bombastic conclusion of the Modern Warfare arc.

Call of Duty is a bit of an odd beast at times, although it’s hard to argue that the Modern Warfare series didn’t significantly alter first person shooters forever. The problem is though that by the third Modern Warfare game the innovation that helped push the series to the top seemed to have largely stopped, something that Peter commented on in our review of the game’s single player, and something that was touched on, to a lesser extent, when we looked at the multiplayer.

Since the first Modern Warfare, Call of Duty titles really have been games of two halves, so we’ll stick with the single player aspects for a moment. Perhaps the most important thing about the game’s campaign is the way it has that “been there, done that” feel to it, at times it really does seem like their recycling sections from earlier games. This does fall by the wayside somewhat later in the game, as Peter noted, so it’s certainly not just retreading the same ground.

Despite the lack of innovation, Peter was pleased with the single player, rating it at 8/10. In particular he praised the “bold narrative” and the twitch shooting that has now become a staple of the series. In conclusion he called it a “a fast, furious careening journey through a global war zone and although its goals and methods are now familiar, it still achieves them like nothing else.” I think that’s all you can ask of the single player in a Modern Warfare title.

Now, onto the multiplayer. As noted above this got a separate review, this time coming from Matt. He started off by praising the way the game is fun at all levels, whether you’re just starting out or a veteran player. He felt that the way it constantly gives you unlocks and reward adds a genuine sense of achievement to the game, and keeps you wanting to play.

He was also pleased with the game’s strike package system, which is an overhaul of Modern Warfare 2’s kill streak rewards. With a greater focus on objectives other than killing enemies, and more persistence in the form of support packages, he felt the new system really improved the game.

On the downside he was disappointed that Spec Ops still only supported two players, and felt that the game could have done with a few larger maps. The game’s multiplayer still game in at a 9/10 though, so they’re certainly doing more right than wrong. Here’s a quick snippet from his closing remarks:

Those who have played all the previous games and have grown tired of Call of Duty are just about the only people we wouldn’t recommend Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer to. For everyone else, dive right in, the warfare has never been better.

Now that our two reviews are out of the way, it’s your turn to share your views on the game. Feel free to write about the multiplayer, the single player, or both. All you need do is drop your response to the game in a comment below by Sunday afternoon. Remember that you need to attach a rating to the game in your comment, selecting from the Buy ItBargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale.



  1. Over the years the FPS genre has become incredibly samey and it’s largely due to this unstoppable franchise. It’s therefore very easy to hate on any new game that wears the “Call of Duty” badge but its important to remember that, unlike most of those clones out there, the Call of Duty games are actually pretty good!
    Solid, responsive gameplay that runs at a constant 60 frames per second, exhilarating setpiece moments and stacks of content in both single and multiplayer form – better still, not an online pass in sight!

    Like it or not MW3 is essentially more of the same just on a larger scale. The explosions are larger, the plotline is more ridiculous and there are even more modes to potentially keep you hooked for months. For me the real highlights are the newly added survival mode coupled with the array of well designed spec ops missions, which are a tonne of fun when played with a buddy.

    Call of Duty 2 will always be my favourite of the series but, if you enjoyed any of the previous COD games, this one is basically another no-brainer. BUY IT.

  2. I enjoyed MW3, I thought the single player did well to close the story which was one of the main reasons I bought this game – to find out the fate of the characters, who I feel the series develops well. I found the single player good enough for more to play 3 times through collecting intel and gaining trophies without getting bored.
    I found the multiplayer pretty similar to that of previous CoD games but I enjoyed the new features a lot, one of which was infected mode which is one of my favourites. Spec Ops was enjoyable too as it posed a challenge but the missions were fun and varied too. I would definitely say Buy It.

  3. It’s Call of Duty! Simple – Buy It!

    • I – like Grey ghost agree. Mindless fun! Plus I love the MP (although it has been starting to grate recently)

      • I concur, I just don’t enjoy it anymore and find I get annoyed by the smallest things or cheap deaths. I’m not certain but I think that the small maps and SMG dominance has ruined it for me. Bring back maps like Afghan and Estate where I can use an Assault Rifle an pick someone off with some skill rather than blasting an SMG aimlessly from the hip.

  4. CoD4 is the best but since then I much prefer the Treyarch games. They seem to have more narrative and take you through simply more enjoyable campaigns. I loved uprising against the Germans and taking over the reich and I don’t know many people who didn’t enjoy crashin through the rivers of vietnam to the tune of ‘Gimme Shelter’ – so from a campaign aspect, Modern Warfare 3 (and 2 for that matter) just isn’t that good. CoD4 had so much more narrative and realism, the multiplayer gave off a similar vibe. Going further into the multiplayer, I would argue that Infinity Ward’s changes have sparked a slow decline. It’s too crazy basically, it doesn’t feel realistic and therefore its difficult to really play properly.. unless your with friends. This is ofcourse just an opinion of mine but I can’t really see how Activision can continue the ‘MW’ side of things when they seem to have ripped the a** out of the series already. Yet come next winter we will almost certainly have another.

  5. I’m one of those who got bored. Not just call of duty, mind you. Same goes with the likes of the Uncharted or Killzone franchise and though I did buy the latter 2 simply because I wanted to see how the stories paned out and I am a sucker for really good graphics, I never felt that MW’s story was worth finding out how it would conclude. It’s my opinion of course, as millions obviously bought into it. Same with multi-player: apart from Uncharted 3, I was bored just looking at game play videos and so there, too, I wasn’t going to be pushed into buying a copy.
    With a new engine next time around, and hopefully some truly innovative game play mechanics and an engaging story line, I will most likely buy the next one. In the meantime, I’m happy passing this one by: bin it.

  6. Peter was pleased with the single player, rating it at 8/10. In particular he praised the “bold narrative”

    Having played every COD title, I have never been so captivated by any of the story lines that I could fill in anyone on the plot of ANY of the COD SPs. At some point during each, they switch from engaged story/shooter to shooter on rails solely (for me personally). As an example of good storyline writing/pacing/delivery I would point to Spec Ops: The Line, I could tell you every detail after one single playthrough. Though you can argue mechanics and such for any FPS, storyline wise I have to disagree with Peter.

  7. Completed the single-player portion about a week ago and enjoyed a LOT more than the god-awful Battlefield 3. Sure, it wasn’t in any way innovative, but it’s presentation and overall fun-factor made it a good game to play-through. Although they’ve really got to make the difference between the stealth and action sections far more substantial next time round.

    • Rent it, unless you’re there for the multiplayer of course.

  8. I love MW1 but since they’ve done a Micheal Bay and thought ‘Better = More Explosions’ since then. The very idea in MW2 that the Russkies could invade America in a suprise attack is just silly. As Mw3 follows on that story, it’s also very silly.

    Rent It.

  9. Modern Warfare 3 does not deserve the high scores which it is given. The campaign felt like a Michael Bay rip-off with many characters being killed off simply for the hell of it and did not justify the absolute brilliance of the previous two parts of the series. The multiplayer is just a failure now. People expose a flawed weapon system and I can genuinely say that in Modern Warfare 3 I have found the most disappointing experience I have ever had in gaming. To put this is perspective, I went to 1st Prestige in World at War, 6th Prestige in Modern Warfare 2, 5th Prestige in Black Ops and with Modern Warfare 3 I haven’t even reached level 80. Avoid it at all costs, at least Treyarch puts some innovation in their games.

  10. Talking about this game at my previous workplace I said I would never buy it, because I do not want to support lazy publishers and studios who reshuffle and recycle the same thing over and over again. There was quite a lot of peer pressure of my psn-friends back then, they were all complaining about it, but still they bought it and could not stop playing it. I decided to give BF3 a try and since then I am hooked on that game. It is far richer in its gameplay and thanks to the TSA-meets I found a lot of new psn-friends.

    So when I changed jobs for a couple of months ago, I got MW3 as going away present, dispite the fact that I did not want it (they knew this all to well). I gave it a go but it is the same as the previous MW game, it adds nothing new. Not even the possibility to install the textures on the harddrive, so the blue ray drive is going like crazy with it texture streaming. I played a few multiplayer rounds but they were a bore, maps are to small and no destructive enviroment.

    Motalla says: “AVOID IT”, that should teach publishers and studios for doing a louzy job.

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