Jet Set Radio HD Gets Release Date And Price

Sega has just confirmed that the “cult-classic graffiti skater” Jet Set Radio will be released in September, for $9.99, or 800 Microsoft Points.


If you’ve got a PS3 and a PlayStation Plus subscription, it’ll be out one week early – on the 11th of September, with other PS3 owners able to get it on the 18th. It’ll be released on the Xbox 360 and Steam on the 19th.

It’ll be released on PS Vita on October 16th. Same price.



  1. Shame it’s not on Vita sooner, I don’t really want it for PS3.

    • Yeah, that’s a bummer. But I’m still patently waiting for Strangers Wrath and that came out a long time ago on ps3, and I have it free from plus without even installing it, so I’ll be fine.

    • Yeah, it’s very crappy that PS+ gamers get it almost a week earlier than Vita gamers. It actually puts me off a little from purchasing the game, I’m against any kind of monthly fees associated with gaming and even though Playstation Plus is a great value I really hate when it feels like it’s being forced down our throats.

      Strangers Wrath, please come sooner. :<

  2. So $9.99 = £7.99?

    …or the usual conversion of $9.99 = £9.99?

  3. Yes, Yes and Yes! I’ll be having some of this? Any chance they will do a “Buy one, get both” with the Vita version?

  4. wahooo!

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