New Trailer And Info For Joe Danger 2 – The Movie

Hello Games have sent over this latest trailer for their upcoming 2012 title Joe Danger 2 – The Movie. Whilst that release date’s hardly concrete, the studio’s Sean Murray tells us it’ll be this Autumn, so it’s not too far away.


The trailer aims to show the variety in the game – 100 levels, 50 characters and 20 vehicles (something that Murray says “doesn’t do it justice”. Every level is a scene for a big movie, and you’ll get a little trailer after every act as a reward.

Joe Danger 2 will feature online level sharing, cloud-based replays and online (and offline) multiplayer. There’s currently no word on which platforms the game will be coming to, but that insert of the editor clearly shows Xbox 360 buttons.

Anyone wanting to try the game will be able to at gamescom next week – they’re in Hall 7, Booth C020 – we’ll be there and will hopefully get some hands on time with it – again.



  1. Ooo, the jet pack looks fun! I really liked the level creator tool on the original, will be good to make some more

  2. looks mental and loads of fun.

  3. Still no mention of a PS3 release eh? Hmm.

    Really don’t think it is a wise move to completely abandon the platform that got you where you are today, so i would hope this is announced soon.

    If not, i fear that if Hello Games ever release anything on PS3 again, it will be largely ignored.

    • Checked the HelloGames website this morning for Joe Danger 2 and sure enough, there’s a big green X but no mention of PS3. This would be a shame as it’s looking rather pretty and would certainly be getting my Playstation credit.

    • MS is Publishing this one ,there’s likely to be a timed exclusivity window here for the 360. There have been exceptions, but the norm is that if Microsoft are behind a game of late, it’s not appearing on PS3 at the same time.

  4. Oh look, its the company that tossed the PS3 aside like yesterday’s jam as soon as they became successful… :|

  5. When did it become Joe Danger 2? It used to be just Joe Danger The Movie

  6. I hope they’ve integrated a better social set up this time (like Motorstorm RC) – it just didn’t work that well first time out.

    Or if they haven’t hopefully they’ll have it ready for when it comes to PS3 (next year I would imagine).

  7. That looks terrific fun! Please come to the PSN. My money is already mentally set aside for this.

    • This game may not get there , seeing as how MS is publishing this game version. but one close to it will.

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