OnLive Giving Away Free Indie Titles

Cloud gaming isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and can be particularly hard to swallow when all you have is a utilitarian broadband set-up. Next to Gaikai, OnLive is one of the biggest names in this new sub-industry, having launched its game-streaming service last September in the UK.

Looking to round up potential customers, OnLive has announced its “Indie Weekend” initiative. There are three games planned for the event, the first of which is Ace Team’s Zeno Clash, a bizarre first person adventure game with plenty of character. Users can grab a free copy using the region-specific codes below:


NDFREEBE – For Belgium

To redeem your code, you will need to select the option to purchase Zeno Clash (usually priced at £6.99). After doing so, there will be an entry box in which users can type their code.

Next week’s free indie game has yet to be announced. However, if fans manage to share the Indie Weekend announcement 1,000 times via Facebook OnLive will also release an additional free title (the number of shares has already surpassed 800 at time of writing.)

Source: OnLive Fans



  1. Meh, doesn’t work for me yet :(

  2. Worked for me. Make sure it’s all caps.

    • I don’t know, couldn’t get to the bit where I could buy :(
      high demand so I tought I would wait.

  3. Worked for me though i had to use the us code and shared the fb post. its up to 877 shares at time if posting :) Onlive works ok if you are on fibre. anything less and its shit.

  4. Doesn’t work for me either. I enter the code and it seems to accept (as entering the US code says invalid), but then it still says £6.99 total to pay.

    • I’ve got it working now. It seems I had to use the OnLive Client to use the code, as it would not accept through the website.

  5. Well that wasn’t a great Onlive advert, tons of mouse latency and the W Key wouldn’t work… I get surprisingly far just side strafing, got stuck when I had to grab someone in the tutorial.

  6. Downloaded – and added to my numerous free games from Onlive – I’m not entirely sure how they’re making any money at all as I’ve barely paid for any content from the service and have a batch of games to play on the system…

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