Rumour: Irrational Drop BioShock Infinite Multiplayer

[drop2]There’s been quite a shake up over the last few days for Irrational Games, the acclaimed Quincy-based studio behind classics such a System Shock 2, Tribes: Vengeance, SWAT 4, and more recently, BioShock.

Amid the departure of two senior team members, art director Nate Wells and director of product development Tim Gerritsen, it’s been rumoured that Irrational’s eagerly anticipated 2013 shooter, BioShock Infinite, is facing difficulties.


Allegedly the team is finding it hard to keep on par with the level of quality shown in early BioShock Infinite demos and gameplay footage which, to be fair, looked mind-blowing at the time. There’s no telling what’s going on behind closed doors, though allegations surrounding Irrational’s continual problems with integrating online multiplayer sound more plausible than the previous statement.

According to sources, Irrational has already scrapped two concepts, both centred on co-operative play. The first of these modes was said to be a tower defence/survival hybrid; players would assume the role of miniaturised characters dropped into an old-fashioned arcade machine.

The second, dubbed “Spec Ops” was a more conventional approach to modern online co-op, lifting stages from the singleplayer campaign and re-working them into something that would suit online play. Whether or not Irrational are still pursuing multiplayer integration has yet to be confirmed, though it seems likely despite Ken Levine’s silence on the subject.

Online play has been a real drive for 2K Games this year, having worked its way into both The Darkness II and Spec Ops: The Line. In both cases multiplayer failed to enhance the overall experience (one could say it even hampered them) though, from a business perspective, the inclusion of online play helps keep such titles out of pre-owned sections in your local game shops.

Source: Kotaku



  1. I’d much rather they concentrated on the SP. I think a game like this need the focus soley on the players immersion into the game world and story.

  2. If dropping MP means a better SP then I’m all for it. Just wish other SP games (yes I’m looking at you Dead Space and Assassins Creed) would do likewise.

  3. I hope they do leave the multiplayer apsect out off the game as im really getting sick of seeing games with a multiplayer element shoehorned in. Call me cynical but adding multiplayer to a game that doesnt need it is just a way to include an online pass.

  4. No MP in a game that is clearly heavily SP based? These problems are a blessing in disguise then it seems… :)

  5. good move i think!
    bio shocks mp was passable at best.
    if the main game can captivate such as bio shock 1 and 2 did, like pit bull said why shoe horn in a multilayer?
    good example of this was the darkness which was one of my favourite games of all time but the mp was awfull.

    • “good example of this was the darkness which was one of my favourite games of all time but the mp was awfull.”
      Oh jese, you aren’t wrong. And there were sooo many achievements linked to it as well. I remember playing 1000 rounds of that garbage lol

  6. It’s a shame that they can’t just include an updated version of Bioshock 2’s mp – That was some damn good (& unexpected) fun. The TSA meets on this were what got me into TSA meets in the first place, which says a lot i think.

    That tower defence idea above sounds absolutely awful for a Bioshock game tbh. the co-op sounds ok, but i have to wonder if it is entirely necessary if they are just lifting levels from the game & adding another player in.

    Either way though, i am more interested in playing the game, so if mp (or co-op) is dropped in favour of getting the game out, please do so.

    • Agreed. Absolutely loved BS2’s multiplayer and don’t see why people were up in arms about it. Great gunplay and plenty of variety; my favourite online shooter of 2010 hands down.

    • Bioshock 2 was a fantastic shooter. The environments & weapons just didn’t lend themselves to camping, it was easily the best FPS I played online.

  7. Good news for me, I hope it’s true. I’m not a fan of great SP games getting MP just for the sake of it (assassins Creed, Deep Space, Bioshock, etc), I would much prefer that they improve upon the SP experience and length, than artificially extend the game with a mediocre MP game mode.

  8. Maybe Rod Fergusson’s move from Epic to Irrational is something to do with the recent departures and dropping of multiplayer? I’m all for having a better SP if it means dropping MP .

  9. not bothered the game is all about SP to me.

  10. i thought this wasn’t going to have multiplayer.
    that they were concentrating on the single player experience.

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