Aliens: Colonial Marines “Alien Tension” Developer Diary

Gearbox have released a new developer diary dealing with suspense and horror within Aliens: Colonial Marines called “Alien Tension”.


As you might expect this involves the motion tracker going ‘ping’ and panic rising.

The video also features Brian Martel, chief creative officer at developer Gearbox, putting a hat on in numerous quick cut shots with added visual effects.

Source: YouTube



  1. Never mind Brian’s hat antics, what’s going on with the arms of his glasses being balanced 2 to 3 inches above his ears?

    • maybe he’s got sensitive ears.

      • Or maybe his head grew too big for them. :)

  2. if they really cared about being true to the franchise they wouldn’t make the game with not one single playable female character.
    “an interactive version of all the films”
    except no women.

    yeah it looks right, it sounds right, but just for the boys.

    and people seem shocked they call gearbox sexist.

    before anybody says anything, yes it is a big deal.
    every Alien film has featured strong women, and the lead has always been a woman.

    would you guys be ok if that Rambo game featured his sister instead of him?

    • Joan Rambo?

    • It is very, very silly not to have female marines in the game.

    • Yeah why they didn’t have the lead as a Ripley sort of character is beyond me as the strong female lead in the Alien franchise is what made it so damn brilliant, that and the aliens of course.

  3. Had to stop the video after that Charleville cheese cut with the hat!

  4. Seeing that this game is 3 years past original release. I am hoping to see a well polished game with smooth controls and with fluid game mechanic system.

    I also hope it is as advertised and they don’t pull another brothers in arms: hells highway BS.

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