Black Ops Declassified Developed by Nihilistic

Black Ops Declassified, the upcoming Call of Duty game for Vita is being developed by Nihilstic Software, according to Activision’s Community Manager via the US PlayStation Blog.

You might remember that Nihilistic developed the somewhat disappointing Resistance outing for Vita, so it’s not exactly the best news. Hopefully they’ll get it right this time round, though. The game features a full online component, too, with 4v4 matches such as Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, with new maps and old favourites such as Nuketown.

The single-player component bridges the story gap between the first Black Ops and the upcoming Black Ops II, so there should be a lot on offer for Call of Duty fans. Sony have released a trailer showing off the game, which you can see below.



  1. Burning skies was actually a solid game gameplay wise by no means great but it worked, it just failed in every other aspect such as story, pacing and performance.
    So by all means this could be a good game if they just take the time to iron out the issues Burning skies had and take ideas and level design from other call of duty games.

    • I still want to play Burning Skies because I haven’t bought a Resistance game, but the somewhat bad reviews have put me out.

  2. Real shame that (at least from the looks of it), none of the snazzy MP enhancements in BO2 are in this.

  3. Cod lovers will be excited….

  4. Burning Skies was a good game, it was just a terrible Resistance game.

  5. Colour me un-interested…… So far. Killzone Vita looks better so far and I love Killzone

    • Yeah, this looks very generic. I thought this trailer would blow me away. It didn’t.

  6. That looked… Unimpressive. But I had fun with Burning Skies, despite how it seemed unfinished with a plethora of bugs and glitches. And despite never getting to play MP due to NAT restrictions….. If this requires NAT 2 or better to play online, I’m out.

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