Here’s a New FIFA 13 Trailer

EA also talked a bit about a new Matchday mode for FIFA 13 on stage in Cologne. It essentially plots the everyday trials and tribulations of modern football and allows you to play along with them in your game of FIFA.


They demonstrated it with a somewhat stilted replay of the final games between Man City and QPR as well as Man Utd and Sunderland that gave us so much drama on the final day of the Premier League season. When Rooney scored in the 14th minute, the commentators on the City game went to a third voiceover to discuss it. Quite smart but seemed like it could do with an extra little polish before release day.



  1. anybody have a clue what ea were think when they announced the Korea only Fifa online at Gamescom?

    because i don’t.

  2. Ahhh FIFA. Always improving. Though, my all time favourite was 99. Slide tackle all you want, you aren’t gonna get a card!

    • my favourite has to be the first megadrive version, where you could punch the other players.

  3. Those sorts of trailers do nothing for me, because you never play the game down at that level. It’s always telecam or birdseye view… For that reason it just looks the same as any other installment from the last few years. I don’t get it!

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