Black Ops 2’s “Create A Class” Blown Open

Black Ops 2’s Create A Class mode was highlighted earlier in the week, but the video above shows pretty much the whole thing in a way that’s most easily digested.


The video claims to show all the snipers, scorestreaks, perks, attachments, guns and specialist items. Hopefully the quality’s good enough so that you can read all the icons.

Via GameRanx.



  1. I like the idea of this new pick 10 thing they’ve done.

  2. If nothing else at least the formula is being changed up. MW3 is likely to be the last IW CoD I get based soley on the fact that Treyarch actually try to breathe new life into a tired franchise. IW has totally lost me as a fan and seem to be resting on their laurels by essentially releasing the same game twice in a row and discarding any innovation Treyarch puts in.

  3. Due to the new scorestreaks and the pick 10 class system BlOps2 has gone from a definite avoid to a definite buy.

    I only joined CoD on the first ModernWarfare, I got about 14 days online play with that game. Then I skipped World at War. Then I got around 24 days of online play on MW2. Then I skipped the preorder of BlOps and got it at xmas, I did a few days of online play on that. Then I skipped MW3 and got it at xmas and I played about 10 hours online. I wonder if BlOps 2 will buck the trend, it’s my first pre-order of a CoD game in 3 years.

  4. I’ll most likely wait until after xmas to see if I get this. While I like seeing innovation, I’m not liking the futuristic warfare and I just really hope the MP system is fixed. Blops was a lag fest with non-existent hit detection.

    • I feel exactly the same about all of what you’ve said – my concerns are with the futuristic nature and lag with the MP.

      • Well you better get used to futuristic COD games because this game will lead into IW COD Future warfare.

      • First off let me clarify I am not telling anyone what to like and what not to like but I have come across a lot of people who are either on the fence about Black Ops 2 or completely against it because of it’s “Futuristic” nature.

        The game is partly set in 2025. That’s only 13 years away. It’s not like the game is going to be lasers and spaceships. It’s not a sci-fi scenario nor is it going to be Crysis-like in it’s technology. As far as I’m aware the technology on display in Black Ops 2 is already on the drawing board and may well be in use by or before 2025. It wasn’t so long ago that the Javelin that has become standard in Modern Warfare was fiction a little over 10 years ago.

    • The lag is still bad. The game engine still broken. Hit detection still rubbish. Nearly 2 years later and no one at Treyarch cares about the PS3 MP.

      I’m holding out hope with Black Ops 2 but undoubtedly the PS3 will get the shitty end of the stick again.

      • Yup, we get a shit version of a crappy game. Lucky us

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