Claims That The PSN Was Hacked Again Are “Completely False”

Two hours ago it was believed that hackers had broken into Sony’s database (again) and dumped a massive list of email addresses and passwords. The news was all over the internet, with people understandably panicked, mainly due to Kotaku’s BREAKING headlines.

Reporting the news is one thing, throwing everything to the wind without checking is another.


The site reported that hackers were in possession of 50GB worth of data, with a Pastebin link suggesting that the full list was up for grabs. Passwords were encrypted, but that hasn’t stopped people in the past.

However, Sony have since confirmed that the story is false. “We can confirm that the recent claim that PSN was illegally hacked and that customer passwords and email addresses were accessed is completely false,” tweeted the official account.

It looks like the database was a dupe of an existing one from a few months back.

Regardless, this serves as a reminder to ensure that your passwords for every site and service are individual, unique and difficult to guess. There’s literally no excuse.



  1. Die Anonymous. Die.

    • Wasn’t it a splinter group? I can’t quite remember. Either way, I’m not a fan of Anonymous anyway.

      Other news: I thought h4x0rs didn’t use Pastebin these days?

      • TSA’s poetry cor-orr-ner!

        “Either way, I’m not a fan of Anonymous anyway.”

      • Haha, I did think that sentence was a bit odd but what the hey.

  2. “50GB worth of data” Hmm you could get that all on 1 Blu-ray then LoL:D
    + That Kotaku site is full of SH*T anyway :-/

    • Thought a blu-ray holds 24.7gb (or aroundabouts, that’s the number in my head…)?

      • A single layer one, yes :)

      • BluRay disks (just like DVD’s) come in both single (25 GB) and double layer (50GB)… there are also BD-XL versions with Triple and Quad layers…

  3. No free games then… pfft!

  4. Makes me sick how people try to steal sonys lime light at a time when their showing some great games at gamescom.

  5. Portable ID status, upgraded to “relieved.”

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