Get More Total War Rome II In Your Eyeballs

I’m quite a fan of the Total War series. Unfortunately, these days I’m the kind of fan that spends most of my time thinking about how much I wish I had more time to play it. I don’t let that interfere with my shameless affection for it, though, so when there’s a new one on the way I still get very excited.

Rome was probably my favourite in the series so this sequel has special importance to me and the screenshots are looking fantastic. Of course, looking good is the least important part of a Total War game but Creative Assembly always do an exceptional job with the gameplay too.


So far, it’s only scheduled for 2013 but if we’re at the screenshot stage then hopefully we can at least hope for the first half of the year.



  1. Oh dear god I wish I had a good PC. Love the series but haven’t managed to get any of them to run since Empire.

  2. The screens look great! Cant wait to play some more Co-op campaign.

  3. Looking great. A definite purchase from me. I love the Total War series and Rome was my favourite! Hope I don’t have to upgrade my gfx card though.

  4. Wow. Very impressed with those screens! Cant wait to hear and see more about the game.

  5. Really excited for this, Rome was also my favorite, the others have been great but haven’t impacted on me as much as Rome – perhaps because the Roman era is so well-known and accessible compared to Shogun for example.

  6. Still playing Rome right now. First screenshot looks stunning.

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