Metal Gear Rising Release Date and Lengthy Trailer

Raiden’s hack-and-slashery had previously been billed as an “early 2013” release. Now that has been narrowed to February 21st in the US and Europe. There’s a demo coming with the Zone of the Enders HD collection, for those that can’t wait so long.

It’s also been confirmed, during a roundtable on Gametrailers, that the game will introduce new characters through DLC. Obviously.


Here’s a long and quite gruesome trailer:



  1. Metal Gear Mental. Great :D

  2. Possibly the only Metal Gear game i am actually remotely interested in. Looking pretty good too!

  3. looks pretty sweet!

  4. Really liking the look of it. Very interested.

  5. I don’t like this at all.

    Looks like they’ve taken everything good about the Metal Gear series and binned it.

    • That’s the point. It’s a spin off not a sequel.

      • That’s the point?? I’m sorry, what?

      • Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault. :)

        The point is to approach a different audience as i understand it, hence the different mechanics & whatnot (& the lack of snake of course).

        Also, this is supposed to be Raidens story, so it’s understandable that events occur outside of the realm of what you currently consider canon.

        Personally, i am a fan of the less ‘crawly around in vents, lockers & cardboard boxes’ orientated gameplay & welcome the more ‘run around & chop up everything’ type route. As i mentioned above, this is the first one in years i have been remotely interested in.

      • I guess we just differ in opinion on what makes a good spin off.

        Also, for your information, Raiden was the main character in MGS2 with most of the gameplay and story supporting him but you wouldn’t know that… ;)

      • Oh no, i did know that, as MGS2 was actually the last one i played – Although i have to admit that i didn’t play very much of it, as i got tired of all the bloody sneaking around. Might have gotten half way through or something i guess?

        I wasn’t aware that it touched upon any part of him becoming a cyber-ninja (or whatever) though? Could well have been in the bit i didn’t play of course…

  6. Warm up for Bayonetta 2

  7. Thank Christ this isn’t canon.

  8. Wolf robot with a chainsaw tail, they have out done themselfs this time!

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