Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Launch Trailer Made In Source Filmmaker

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launches on Steam later today. The PSN and XBLA releases are expected imminently too. I’ve pre-ordered it, in spite of not liking any competitive multiplayer shooters since my interest in the last Counter-Strike release trailed off. I’m hoping this is the game that reconnects me with my PC FPS multiplayer past.

Anyway, enough of my life story. There’s a launch trailer, it looks great and it was made with Source Filmmaker from footage of a round of the game itself. Cool, huh?



  1. Am going to die a hell of a lot but just got this for PC.

  2. dam i cant wait to finish work!

  3. Counter Terrorists win?

  4. Awesome trailer. If there’s a demo I might give this a spin on PSN.

    • Think there is a trial for plus users.

  5. I’d love to get this for PC (Played CS since it’s beta days) but I massively need to upgrade my tower beforehand which won’t happen (unless I want a divorce!). I’ll go PSN first to enjoy it I think.. although it just won’t be the same!

  6. Bomb has been planted… up my arse to go out and get some MS points

  7. Superb trailer. If all rounds play like that, this is will be an instant purchase. How much is it gonna be on UK PSN?

  8. ‘let’s go earn our stories’ …*pukes*, urgh!

  9. It’s out on XBL. There was this countdown on the marketplace hehe.
    Looks awesome to be fair, definetely be downloading this when I return from the dreaded workplace.

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