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New PES 2013 Shots Are Shiny

I played preview code of PES 2013 earlier this summer. It was absolutely fantastic. The demo is out now, so you’ll all have had the chance to have a play yourselves and decide if you like how the game handles on the pitch.

Well, Konami has secured the Champions League license again this year and that means a big bundle of teams with their real names and kits. It probably also means the packaged up Champions League mode that’s been so well presented in the past.

To celebrate their license, Team PES has released three new images from the game and because it’s been a quiet day for news, here they are!


  1. Ooh, menu screens! Formations! AC Milan!
    Bit bored today, if I’m honest…

    • obviously, being the first commentor (commentator?!) on your own post!

      • You know he’d “like” his comment too, if he could.

  2. Ok well, the players look like they’re floating above/on the ground so…good work guys!

    • ha ha, well spotted. Now I’ve seen it, it looks terrible

    • Doesn’t look like it to me, heh.

    • so they do, maybe they’re all skipping out. ^_^

  3. Might give PES a shot this year getting a bit bored of FIFA. Hoping they have made some improvements though.

  4. Football games have not evolved at the same rate as other sports such as Basketball and Hockey. Personally I feel that PES and FIFA need to start again from scratch with bi-annual releases with dlc in the middle of the two years. That way innovation can happen again in terms of actual gameplay and mechanics instead of mere cosmetic changes every year and gimmicky gameplay lines like individual players etc

    • Your trolling us right?
      FIFA 12 has evolved incredibly over the past 4 releases.

      They’ve evolved on par with all other sports games, that is a beauty of EA Sports, if the NBA team develop 360 turning circle for it’s players, then the following year you’ll see that in all it other sports games, FIFA, NHL, Madden etc.

  5. I thought the demo was awful! Didn’t get on with it at all, feels like it barely progresses every year. Although having the Champions League fully licensed is a big plus, and one that I wish FIFA had.

  6. Hasn’t Cassano signed for Inter….. :P

  7. Can’t wait for this years football games. I wish PES would come out a little bit earlier though, I feel that because FIFA gets in there quicker all the time with dates that it also gets more sales. Similar to the situation with Xbox and PS3 actually.

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