PES 2013 Release Date Announced

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, which Peter said was “best football game I’ve ever played”, now has a confirmed release date: September 21st.

PES 2013 introduces  ‘PES Full Control’, a new feature which the press release dubs an “unrivalled level of control, with players given fully manual control over every pass and shot” which sounds lovely.


“The game’s new Pro Active AI ensures players move and react as they would in real life, while the new Player ID system means that the world’s greatest players are instantly recognisable by how they look, move and play,” it continues.

Pre-order incentives include a limited UEFA Champions League steelbook edition which features a DLC code to redeem the Historic UEFA Champions League Match Balls used in the competition and other official elements.

The UK will also offer a second, Manchester United-themed steelbook edition for pre-orders, boasting the club’s livery on its cover.

Read our full preview here, and expect our review soon.



  1. Excellent. Played the demo of this on PC and was very impressed. The full control does add a lot of flexibility. It kind of feels like the power shots in top spin. Takes a while to learn right amount of power and direction but when you do you’ll never go back

  2. Where do I go to shake Peters hand, couldn’t agree with him more. The best footy game I ever played too :D

  3. Briiliant, finally taking some initative. They should also persue licenses over here and also implement lower leagues with these licenses. Ofcourse, its clear that they already want licenses (no brainer) but I feel that the efforts of late have been pretty poor on this front.

    Recently they have shown signs that they are ready to compete. The opening of an office in London means they will be able to combat the seeming culture difference in the game (not that I dislike PES’ style – I personally really like it, but I think they lose sales because it feels too Japanese with the interface, music translating of text, wording of non-licenced leagues and players etc) The decision to release the game earlier than FIFA is something i’ve always said would benefit them, I feel is come a bit too late in the day because they have already lost a lot of fans who will quite happily wait until FIFA is out. Will still pick up players though, certainly better off releasing it early.

    Decisions like that will help PES move back up the chain. I was worried that they might not survive this generation the way they were heading. Possibly they thought that too hense this sudden added interest, for years it seemed that Konami simply werent itnerested in makin PES a real success again.
    Only time will tell, and coming from a real fan, i’m delighted with the progress.

  4. It is very good and I’ll probably buy it. The only problem is everyone will still buy FIFA, even though it will be exactly the same as the last game.

    • Yeah. I take your point here. FIFA has effectively taken control of the entire genre, I don’t think even football manager gets close.

      It’s a vicous cycle, much like the situation with CoD in the FPS genre – It doesn’t matter how good your product is, people will just buy what they know and have known for years. It’s going to take some time indeed, gradual progress. PES will be back though.

  5. It’s so great to see the emphasis on tactics in PES. Something I really enjoy, even in PES 2012 I found myself (rather sadly I’ll admit) taken great attention to my (online) oponents formation, mentality and player stats etc and trying to find the best possible solution. The extra details like this make it appeal to the higher echelons of football fans, those who take great attetion to the strategies behind the game.

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