Getting Stealthy in Dishonored

Bethesda has posted a three minute video for their upcoming steampunk (or is it cyberpunk?) assassination simulation, Dishonored. This game is really shaping up to be something special and it’s great to see new IP getting plenty of love at this point in the console life cycle.

Let’s see how we’ll be getting sneaky.

Source: Press release



  1. Very excited for Dishonored, really hope it lives up the promise.

  2. Please dont be buggy *crosses fingers*

    • I’m guessing this is because you read Bethesda. Since they are only publishing it, not developing it, and it’s not a huge open world game where you can do whatever whenever, I doubt you can draw any comparisons with Elder Scrolls/Fallout games.

  3. This is looking better and better the more i see of it!

  4. When I first heard of this game it sounded decent, then when they started talking about rats and plagues they lost me, but after watching these videos they’ve been putting out its jump all the way to the 2nd spot on my list just under Hitman. Looks like my december will be filled with quiet stealth kills and lurking in the shadows.
    Also I believe they’ve been showing the PS3 version, which installs even more faith in it.

    • That video looked like the 360 version with the ‘RB Button’ prompts, but it does look great for a console, really looking forward to it.

      • Are the RB prompts during the kills? the resolution for me isnt that good so I can’t tell. But I saw what looks like the square button in the middle of the kill timer and thought it looked very similar to the Sony button. But it could just be a coincidence.

  5. It seems that stealth will require you to think like someone who is using stealth instead of looking at the mini map or using gadgets to help sneak by. I hope the AI won’t be physic and know where you are despite having done everything the game allows you to do to stay hidden.

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