Two PS4 Launch Titles (WipEout 4, Stealth Game) Cancelled

According to reports, the sudden news that Sony Liverpool are to close means that two PlayStation 4 launch titles have been cancelled.

Sony, clearly, don’t have the financial resources to support studios that aren’t bringing in blockbuster sales anymore, but the WipEout titles (post Saturn, obviously) have always been seen as staples for the brand.


Sources claim that Liverpool, formally Psygnosis and some of the most talented guys Sony have under their wing, were working on a fully fledged next-gen WipEout and a stealth action game that started as a gangster title but was mechanically similar to Splinter Cell.

The WipEout game, at least, was said to have already seen between a year and a 18 months worth of development.

Whilst the news is obviously devastating to everyone at Sony Liverpool, as a gamer hugely fond of what Liverpool were doing (and they were great guys to speak to) this is a massive blow.



  1. Ouch, now thats a blow…

  2. I really hope this doesn’t mean the end of Wipeout.

  3. A pedant writes: sorry about this but “staples of the brand”, not “stables”, surely.

    On another note – I bought every Sony console since the PSX to play WipeOut (very badly, admittedly), no WipeOut means a lot less interest from this consumer in the PS4.

  4. Urgh, WipEout games are my favourite. This is really devastating.

  5. Who owns the wipeout IP? Sony or Psygnosis? Perhaps another publisher will pick them up if they still retain the IP.

    • Psygnosis hasn’t existed for years. The IP is owned by Sony.

      • Psygnosis hasn’t existed for a decade.

    • I think since it’s probably close to being finished, that some other studio under the sony wing will pick it up and run with it before the PS4 gets released.

  6. Yes, I’ll get to that later, but what does it have to do with WipEout?

  7. I would have loved to see a new Wipeout as a PS4 launch title. Even if they transfer the existing assets to another studio to finish the job, it still won’t be the same…

  8. to be honest, I think Wipeout has become bland and boring. Yes its been around for a while, but haven’t too much of one thing isn’t always good. Personally I would like to see Uncharted as a launch title or something totally fresh.

    It’s a real shame people its to close and people will lose jobs, but Sony are losing money and need to reinvent for the new generation IMO.

    • I’m not really into the racing genre but what other franchise specializes on futuristic weaponized hover craft racing?
      While Wipeout never really featured a ton of different tracks or ships (mostly consistent between games with new ship liveries or reverse versions of tracks) the music was always a superb selection. New modes have been introduced over the years and the newest iterations of the franchise have been expanded with expansion packs.
      I think all things considered there was/is still room for more Wipeout. The music selection alone was well worth the price of the games…

    • It’s actually hilarious you criticise WipEout for innovation (at the top speed classes, you’ll most certainly notice the differences between games) while mentioning Uncharted as a good example.

    • It’s been reported this version of Wipeout was massively different from all that had gone before it.

      Looks like they were planning on shaking up the franchise while developing a new IP, not a bad thing in my book.

  9. I really hope a bunch of the people at SL end up at Evolution, I know some have before, and they can take the IP on and continue developing it.

  10. WipEout was by far the fastest racing game around. No other game gives a sense of half the speed.

    I’d have bought a PS4 day one to play WipEout. Can’t think of another game I’d so the same for.

    • Wipeout for PS4 would have been near the top of my must buy list. It’s a shame it’s been cancelled after 12 to 18 months work.

    • “No other game gives a sense of half the speed.”
      F-Zero says “Hi!”. Hope we see a Wii U version.
      *Goes back to playing F-Zero GX on his GameCube*

    • “WipEout was by far the fastest racing game around. No other game gives a sense of half the speed.”

      Nooo. F-Zero X.

    • Ok, I’ll admit I forgot about F-Zero.

      Like Nintendo did.

      Would love to see both games come back (WipEout more so, but F-Zero was fun when I played it on other’s consoles).

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