Borderlands 2 Season Pass Plans Outlined

Borderlands 2 has “gone gold”. It’s finished and currently being manufactured and distributed, ready for its release on 21st September (in the UK). So, Gearbox is ready to start talking about DLC that’s in the pipeline.

Thanks to a post in the official Gearbox forums, we know that there will be at least four DLC campaign add-ons before June of next year. They’ll cost 800MSP on Xbox 360 or $9.99 on PC and PS3 and will offer new areas, enemies and features. In addition, the post goes on to say that Gearbox will “be offering a ‘Season Pass’ bundle… that includes all four campaign add-on packs for 2400 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and $29.99 on PC and PlayStation Network.”


That’s a 25 per cent discount on the individual prices and probably represents good value for fans of the game. More information will be given about the DLC expansions soon.

Source: Gearbox forums



  1. Still not sure whether to get this or wait for the GOTY. I really want to get on release but there are just too many games in my backlog thanks to ps+. Also just bought Sleepings Dog limited edition. Can’t wait for It to arrive!

    • You’re in for a treat with Sleeping Dogs. Finally an open world game done right.

    • I shall be waiting for the GOTY Edition (if I decide to buy it), as I will with every game that has a season pass. I’d rather use that money to buy 2 complete games than 1 with expansion packs.

    • Same here. PS+ means I really don’t need to buy any new games at the moment, but Borderlands 2 does look very tempting.

    • Sleeping Dogs is good but not great a bit cheap looking as well.

      • Unfortunately, i cannot agree with this. I am having a utterly brilliant time with this game & haven’t much wanted to play anything else. I probably haven’t enjoyed a game this much since Saints Row 3 tbh.

        I also don’t think it looks any worse than GTA IV (although that title is a few years old now!) & it’s definitely functional, so i wouldn’t say it looks cheap as such.

  2. I’ll probably get them individually for the PS3 and at some point the GOTY edition with all DLCs for the PC like I did with BL1.

    • I did just that. Going straight for the PC this time, 4 copies on steam for £81. 3 that I needed for the group of us playing and 1 that turned into Darksiders 2.

      You just gotta love Steam.

  3. I hate myself for falling for marketing but a season pass shall be mine! Shame I can’t pre-order it like my Loot Chest edition. :-)

  4. Definitely be getting me a season pass!
    Barely played Borderlands until recently, I’m loving it, and all the things that I’m finding annoying have been fixed in Borderlands 2 (which I’ve not long pre-ordered), can’t wait!

  5. Based on the DLC that came for the last game I’m very tempted by this. Will probably play some of the main game first and then decide.

  6. Day one purchase then just see if we get a PS+ discount on any DLC.

  7. Just pre-ordered some fangled edition from Shopto but I noticed the £20 dearer collector’s edition not only came with gazooks but additional DLC, wonder if this is it – in which it may be worthwhile posting the twenty now and get other stuffs too.

    • “gazooks”?

      dare i even ask? o_O

      • lol.
        Safe enough in this instance….
        Map, stickers, bobblehead, etc.

      • If it’s a misspelling of “gadzooks” it still doesn’t make sense and it would be funny if zb100’s spell checker has replaced something like bazooka with a misspelled word. :-)

      • ah, those gazooks. ^_^

        the bobblehead i assume is the bus driver?

  8. *paying the extra twenty now even

  9. I’ve only recently got into the first Borderlands after buying the GOTY edition, but there’s no way I’ll be able to wait for a Borderlands 2 GOTY edition, so I’ll definitely be picking up a season pass.

    I can’t wait for the sequel. :)

  10. But due to issues the DLC will be delayed by a month for the EU region thus making you wonder if the season pass is worth it or not? Too soon?

    Chances are if i ever become interested in BL2 then the GOTY edition would be out. As atm, it doesn’t appeal to me. And i do tend to get games that become excellent editions to my collection on the sequel or 3rd/4th etc.. game. So i may end up picking it up one day.

    • only on PS3 though.

    • Why too soon? Gearbox never had any issues getting BL1 DLC to the PS3. Don’t jump to console wide conclusions because one game studio is unable to get the job done… ;)

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