Metal Gear Solid Movie On the Way

It’s been a long standing, not particularly funny, joke for years that Kojima is a frustrated movie director. Well, now his creations will be getting the big-screen treatment.

Announced earlier today at the MGS 25th anniversary event, the Metal Gear movie will be produced by Columbia Pictures. Avi Arad is on board, as the founder of Marvel Studios he had a hand in all the Spider-Man films and the recent X-Men and Iron Man movies. He’s also listed as a producer for the Mass Effect movie that’s in the works.


Nothing else is known yet, but we’d expect Kojima to be close to production throughout the whole process. Arad has promised to keep the movie close to the spirit of the Metal Gear franchise.

No writer or director was announced so we assume that it’s very early days just now but it’s going to be an interesting discussion to see who fans want to direct and star in the film.



  1. Feels redundant.

  2. Why are they rerereleasing MGS4 again? ;)

    I’ve seen the Spiderman films and they are not the best superhero films but they are decent so i do have hope for a decent MGS film. Plus, i really hope Hideo is involved as i think he wants to be a director and would probably love the chance to direct his own movie based off his own game. Will cosplay as Snake and cqc random people in the street if Uwe boll or Paul Anderson or Micheal “lets have tons of explosions and racist sterotypes in this film, oh and i will ruin your childhood) Bay. I will lose respect for Konami if they turn down Hideo’s offer to get involved if he does ask as having the freaking creator of the source material be involved usually results in a decent film. Ok, it doesn’t result in the film being that true to it’s source such as the HP films cutting out the frecking qudditch match in OOTP as well as the dursleys but i have a lot of faith in Hideo that he would make sure that the film does the game justice. :) In other words, it will be confusing and will require 9 films to explain the plot. :P

  3. *Joke about how MGS4 had a lot of cutscene*

  4. As long as Harry-Gregson Williams does the soundtrack and it’s set in the Metal Gear Solid (PS One) era, I’m down.

  5. At least the film hasn’t got any involvement by Paul w.s Anderson it should be good. *sigh of relief* (checks out screen castlevania movie going forward, mr. Anderson directing.(Me) F***************************************************k

  6. The ultimate MGS game. One long cutscenes from start to finish! :D
    Well, not that actually if you compared it to the sum of all cutscenes in MGS4…

  7. This has been rolling around in development hell for years, I’d be surprised if it surfaced to be honest.

    • There was one cancelled a couple years back. This sounds a bit more “promising”.

  8. They should do an animated film, like FF Spirits within, let Kojima and Hayter write it and Hayter can do the voice still and Kojima can direct as well.

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