Surprise! Aliens: Colonial Marines Has Xeno Vs Marine Multiplayer

Okay, it’s not really a surprise. It’s the most obvious inclusion since Captain Obvious was included in the Top 100 Obvious Inclusions list in the issue of Obvious Monthly that I’ve just invented in my head to illustrate how obvious an inclusion this was. It was always going to happen.

But that’s not to say we’re not a little bit excited by it anyway. It’s so obvious that we’d have been a bit disappointed if it hadn’t been there so this video, exclusive to GameSpot at the moment, comes as a welcome announcement.




  1. it looks amazing. please please please do not be another tacked on shit/waste of time multiplayer option.

  2. Does any one really care? I keep seeing this game talked about for such a long time is there even a release date for this game? The length of time and repetition of the same details has made me sick of it all ready.

    Oh and I’m sure this is going to be loads better than the AVP multiplayer *sarcasm*

    • early next year, I think. Like everything else :)

      • Hey, avp’s multiplayer was actually pretty strong when you got

      • Over the godawful matchmaking.

      • so much so that shields is still getting over it! thats what the pause was for ;)

  3. @ shiields_t: Agreed.

  4. Well its looks fantastic for me on the marine side, but do you play as the xenos in third person? Would like it first person like AVP.

    • Pretty sure I read somewhere that Xeno-players are third person as otherwise it becomes to hard to keep track of the surroundings as you run up walls and stuff.

      • Fair enough then :) Could work out better :)

      • Yeah, if they just make it the same way that they did the Singularity mp (1st person for soldiers, 3rd person for creatures), it could be awesome.

      • Yeah I hated it in first person, I kept on just spinning going up the walls and since all the level design was the same I would get confused as to where I was.

  5. Reminds me of the dead space 2 multiplayer, only not terrible and boring for the side playing the humans

  6. I cannot wait for this game. Been waiting and was hoping for March 2012 release but was pushed to February 2013 I believe. I will also pre-order that limited edition one. I love ALIENS also Predators too……
    AvP was really great sadly the multiplayer was very quiet and I think it didn’t get enough sales at the time…..
    Looking forward to this one though.

  7. that’s great, but there is one mainstay of the series they’ve left out.

    women. >_<

    • Whilst i am all for equality (& for what its worth, i agree that itt is strange that they haven’t included a Vasquez type character at the very least), does it really matter that much about what sort of pixels you are looking at whilst tearing through xeno’s?

      • any other ip, i could accept it, though i’d always prefer the option, but not with Alien/Aliens.

        there has always been a strong woman at the heart of every alien movie, even James Cameron when creating these gung ho marines understood the importance of having strong women in these movies.
        that’s why there were female marines and they kicked as much arse as the men.

        and culturally the Alien films have had quite an impact with their strong women.

        this series changed the kind of roles that could be created for women, they could be the action hero, they could kill the monsters, they didn’t just have to be a love interest for the male hero.

        do you know what these films meant to many women?

        gearbox are showing they have zero respect for the property with this.
        for all their talk of wanting to make it feel authentic, with the right sounds and visuals for the props and aliens, they’ve shown that comes second to some of their other attitudes.

        and they think we’re gonna buy that indignant act they pull when they get accused of being sexist.

        as if.

        even some of the actors from Aliens agree.

        Left to Right: Trevor Steadman (Weirzbowski), Cynthia Scott (Dietrich), Ricco Ross (Frost), Colette Hiller (Ferro) and Daniel Kash (Spunkmeyer)
        taken from the thread on the official gearbox forums that’s up to 85 pages.

        it’s not like it needs to be women only, just provide the option, they’ve got female character models.
        why make it men only?

      • To answer it as simply as i can, its more than likely that some narrow minded gentlemen out there simply won’t want to play as a woman.

        I know a few that could potentially fall into this category (not that they have ever officially confirmed this of course, but with some people you just know).

        Personally, i don’t really care what sex, race, colour or creed my protagonist is – As i alluded to above, i just see it as me moving a few pixels around.

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