What We Played #68: Mass Effect 3, Resident Evil 6, Humble Bundle

What We PlayedThe first Sci-Fi shooter on my ‘played’ list this week is not my regular one, instead it’s Dust 514 and specifically the beta that PlayStation Plus subscribers now have access to. I probably can’t say too much about it at the moment but my first experiences haven’t been all that convincing.

As a concept it fascinates me with its real-time links to the universe of Eve Online and the potential for wider stories to develop but at the moment most people are playing it as a typical run-into-the-middle-shooting FPS; one where some people have clearly got equipment that far outclasses everyone else’s. We need more perk-free competitive online games like Warhawk.

Other than that it’s pretty much been simply more Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. This weekend’s event was Operation Alloy where the player (squad) goal was to promote two classes (which becomes possible when they reach level 20) and the overall (Allied) goal was to get 50,000 classes promoted.

[drop]The Allied goal was met with room to spare as there were 262,749 promotions over the weekend. Disappointingly though only 28,398 of those were from PS3 players (approximately 0.02% of those were mine) with PC players contributing 67,573 and the remaining 166,778 being 360 players’ promotions.

The PS3 is alone in not having a pop-up in-game to tell players about the upcoming Operations so that may be part of the reason for the PS3’s poor showing in addition to it having the smallest player-base. I’ll make sure we cover the operations on the front page in future to do my own little bit extra to help out and maybe in return Bioware will fix some of the bugs that sometimes plague the otherwise very enjoyable game.

In their blog post reporting the Operation’s success there is a hint of something:

While we celebrate Operation ALLOY’s success, we need to be aware that the unexpected resistance faced by our soldiers may be symptomatic of a larger issue. We’ve been receiving a number of strange reports that are inconsistent with our knowledge of Reaper ground troop movement. At this point, intel is vague at best. Rest assured we are pursuing the matter.

The ME3 multiplayer community is currently split over whether it is simply setting the scene for the next Operation or a hint that there is more multiplayer DLC on the horizon.

[videoyoutube]Leaving behind the science but definitely keeping the fiction we find Kris once again dreaming of Brighton and Hove Albion reaching the Premier League as a change of FIFA 12 platform from PS3 to 360 (blamed on a departing housemate and subsequent finger trouble at an online store) mean his old save is of no use.

All of this forms Kris’ preparation for the release of FIFA 13 and now he is over the hurdles of having forgotten how to play and adjusting to the 360’s controller, with the aid of a bunch of free transfers, he’s feeling hopeful.

Peter’s been busy previewing games for you lucky readers.  First up was Resident Evil 6 which is both promising and disheartening for those who like Peter ache for a return to the Resi gameplay of old when it was still a survival horror game.  “There’s bags of content though, around fifty hours when it’s all finished, so maybe there’ll be enough in there to keep everyone happy?”

Then jumping clean over several genres he fell into the driving seat of F1 2012 which left him “very impressed”.  Singled out for particular note is the Young Driver section which acts as a tutorial and introduction to F1 and “was really good at easing a relative newbie like [Peter] into the intricate world of F1 racing”.

Half a season in and those noses aren't getting any prettier.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations’ gameplay was enjoyable for Aran but he felt that there was something missing from the story and as a result he found he didn’t really care about it.  His mission to clear his games backlog finds him nearing the end of the first Gears of War which “has been fun despite a few glitches popping up such as Dom falling over and getting stuck in a tree”.

Oh and he bought Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (obviously not from the EU PSN Store) and is “loving it”.  So far Arms Race is his favourite mode and its pick up and play nature means he can see himself pouring many hours into it, though he’s already hoping for more maps.

Last up this week is Chris who’s revelling in Indie gaming heaven having picked up the Humble Bundle that I managed to somehow miss:

I now have Fieldrunners, Bit.Trip Beat, Space Chem, Uplink, Spirits, World Of Goo, Osmos, Edge and Anomoly: Warzone Earth to dive into on my PC, Android phone and tablet. Nine great games for less than the price of the one of them that’s available on the PSN.

First up was World of Goo, it was also last up as I’d forgotten just how addictive it was and lost a couple of hours to it. Too many great games!

Absolutely.  If you’ve got access to a non-console gaming platform served by the Humble Bundles you really do owe it to yourself to keep an eye on them for the fantastic games they offer at incredible value.

Oh, and whilst he hasn’t been playing any games, Tuffcub wanted me to remind you all he’s still getting a tan in Waikiki but I’m not going to mention that out of spite and jealousy.  

So what have you been playing?



  1. Very bored this week; with the absence of The walking dead on the PS Store and nothing new coming out at this time of year, I’ve just been playing older games in short bursts and was generally bored of them too. Can’t wait until Borderlands 2 or SOMETHING interesting comes out…

  2. Skyrim,Skyrim and Skyrim and more Skyrim, and a tiny bit of Everybody’s Gold (Vita).

  3. On Vita I’ve started Sound Shapes. Completed the campaign so I’ve moved on to the “face melting” Death Mode. I actually find it more addictive than annoying! Then I’ll finish with Beat School so I can go straight into creating and trying some community levels!

    On PS3 McProley and I got all the trophies from the last Spec Ops DLC on MW3. Fuck me that mission was a twat on Veteran!

    Otherwise it’s been a spot of Cars 2 (thanks to R1MJAW) which is great fun and my boy loves it!

    I 100%’ed the MGS and PotC DLC on LBP, both were really good actually – it’s always nice when the DLC offers something slightly different to the main game, albeit more of a theme with MGS, and the obvious water addition with PotC.

    Continuing with the backlog I’ve come across a gem – Assassin Creed II. The story is great, and is a great way to justify how the cities load and how things are added or glow in the environments, even down to your deaths (desynchronizing). Also there’s lots of different sets of collectables, some small with quick rewards or the larger collection of 100 feathers. Not to mention the wonderful locations, period characters and good dialogue; the assassins tombs; the stronghold; and Ezio’s upgrades – and the constant supply of new skills and abilities. So pleased I decided to go back to this before ACIII comes out, I’m looking forward to it even more!

    • Forgot to mention the little historical puzzles in ACII too!

      Also had fun with R1M, OnlineAssassin77 and McProley with the DiRT 3 Cat n Mouse meet….shame there weren’t a few more TSAers though.

    • Yup, that MW3 Specs Ops mission was a right twat!! Proper good fun though. Because it was so hard though, it makes the completion of it all the more nicer. On the next 2 missions, i’ll try not to bother with my samaritan act on the suicide bombers and not try to give them a cuddle. lol

      • Man, if we had of died on that last 40 metres because of your gung ho approach, I would have fully thrown my toys out of the pram, and probably at you ;)

      • i realise this, and i would have been sorry… a little bit. But it would have, and still was, pretty funny!

    • AC2 is a game I am still yet to play – infact I’ve never played any AC game except for a couple of hours of the first one! Found that one pretty repetitive but, given how story driven the games are, I need to man up really and finish part 1 before I move onto the others.

      • AC1 doesn’t really carry on from 2, u can play the whole series without playing one, one gets summarised in revelations & if you never played on just buy revelations & u get 2 games for the price of one

      • I admit that I skipped AC1 since I doubt I’d have time to do both before AC3 came out – plus AC2 has trophies and playing all 3 in a matter of months might have ruined the experience. I’ve not experiences any holes in the story as Taylor Made has said, so I defo recommend it!

      • Awesome, thanks guys :) Will therefore check this out after Sleeping Dogs I reckon

  4. Been paying FIFA vita online & man I thought skyrim lagged till I played FIFA vita online, this is why I don’t rate FIFA its full of of quitters, I’m a don at footy games do I expect to beat you with dignity not quit half way through FIFA = Pussycats. Can’t wait for pro vita.

    Played some dead space 2, am actually loving it, it has it’s scary moments lol

    • Glad to hear someone enjoying Dead Space 2. If you forget about the comparisons to DS1, it’s still a fantastic game!

      • Yeh it’s amazing lol the only problem am having with it, is those stupid monster that run & headbutt you before you even know it ha

      • Stasis is your best friend for those!

    • DS2 is awesome. Sad to see how much they have butchered the new one but parts 1 and 2 will always be considered as some of my favourite games this gen :)

      • Yeh amazing tbh if it wasn’t free on ps+ I wouldn’t have bought it. The online put me off, certain games like DS series should stay away from online unless it’s co op story but overall glad I downloaded it

      • Agreed. Since I found Uncharted 3 a little dissappointing I would have to say it’s my favourite series this gen. I’m also enjoying my co-op playthrough of DS:Extraction too.

  5. Played about 2/3rds of the way back through Darksiders 2 to max out death and then played through the crucible. Still haven’t decided whether I’m actually going to bother hunting down all the collectibles.
    Picked up THPS HD from the store on Wednesday and platinumed it last night. It’s not too difficult, at least until you go pen up the Projectives mode, then it becomes a tad male challenging (especially the Hangar combo and the sickest score on Downhill Jam … I hate that level, who’s idea was it to include that).

    • Congrats on Fastest Plat mate, you didn’t waste any time :O

      • Cheers mate.
        As is usual with the THPS games, it’s quite addictive.

      • You said that about Sound Shapes ;)

      • I was right though, wasn’t I?

      • Yes indeed – I managed 6 Death Mode levels in my lunch hour today! :)

    • Downhill Jam suuuuuuucks!! I’m never gonna get sickest score on that. The Hanger combo wasn’t too bad though. Did you grind the rotor/open the outdoor area before you started the combo, or during?

      • During. Most of the combo was easy, it was just having enough speed at the end to reach the last O.

    • Agreed downhill jam sucks so bad!congrats on the platinum R1M

      • Cheers mate. I don’t know who they had picking stages, but Downhill Jam and Mall (to a lesser extent) should not have been in there as far as I’m concerned.

    • Agreed on downhill jam it sucks big time! Congrats on your platinum R1M :)

      • oops,I didn’t think the earlier comment posted,my bad.

  6. Aside from the almost daily meets whch have now become a regular feature of my week (i won’t tell you what they are – You can look for your bloody selves & join if you fancy any of them!), it’s pretty much been Sleeping Dogs, Sleeping Dogs & um, more Sleeping Dogs. Bloody marvellous game.

    Actually, that’s a bit of a lie, as i also went against my rule of not spending anymore on a PSN game than around £6 & doubled it to purchase THPS HD. Damn you Tony & your addictive (original) gameplay. Not spent masses of time on it to be fair, but am liking what i see so far & whilst i would have liked a touch more content for £12, its still damn good fun all these years later.

    • Once you complete every challenge with a character in career, it unlocks projectives mode where there are load more challenges for each level, and you only get 1 minute runs to do them. Big head mode is jokes too, especially online.

      • Yeah, i know (me & R1M were discussing it before) – What i actually meant though was less Downhill Jam & more Downtown/San Francisco/Roswell (THPS1) or New York/Philly/BullRing (THPS2).

        I could even do away with the mall in favour of one or two of those above.

        Of course, it’s likely one or two of those may appear as DLC, but i would have liked to have seen a couple make an appearance as part of the main package, considering its a sort of ‘best of’ package.

  7. Managed to fit in lots of gaming this week actually :-)

    Darksiders 2 – Continued to play through this cracking game and saw the ending credits last night. Really enjoyable overall and I’m glad I picked it up, however it does have several small things that bugged me and held it back a bit. Will probably trade it in today, but only because I’m itching to play some Sleeping Dogs. As soon as it reaches the £10 price point I’ll pick it up again to keep.

    CS:GO – Played a fair bit of this over the weekend, unlocking the “100 awards” achievement. Such a good game and exactly how FPS’ should play. Just the 10,000 kills (2000 down so far) and 5000 matches (never going to happen, lol) to go :)

    Splinter Cell Conviction – Started my “Realistic” play through last night in preparation for the release of “Blacklist” next year. A very dumbed down SC game but enjoyable nonetheless, particularly when sneaking around environments whilst in cover :)

    I also played the Rock Band Blitz demo and enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting. I easily put over 200 hours into GH2 but havent ever really gotten into a music game since. Blitz’s arcade stuff however offers up something different enough to make it stand out. May get a copy when it reaches 800ms points.

  8. I have been sessioning Darksiders 2 this week and finally got my plat (TSA fastest too, i beleive) so that took up majority of my PS3 gaming this week. I have managed to fit in a little Dirt 3 multiplayer though and got enough fans for the Superstar title last night which in turn bagged me my seccond Plat for the week. Nice.

    Not really touched the Vita that much this week though apart from a little ToM Blitz and attempts at more Death Modes on Sound Shapes.

    • “a little DiRT 3” Lol…..5+ hours (PS)plus? ;)

      • Yeah, a little now and then i meant. The majority of those 5+ hours though was spent waiting for people to join my lobby. honestly :)

    • I also enjoyed Darsiders 2 so much that I have started my Apocalyptic playthrough of the original to go for the Plat on that as i only need a handful of trophies

      • Dear Youles & McProley

        Once upon a time I used to be a king of trophies on my psn list no one touched me, everyone played cod every one was below level 8. Then you 2 came along made my trophies look like a beginner in the trophy department dam you both dam you!!!

        The end.

      • Lol – all being well I should have another 4 Platinums by the end of September, possibly more ;)

      • @Taylor – Hint: do not add Crazy_Del or Hunterstryfe to your friends list. That’d definitely end in tears. :)

        (not taking anything away from the achievements of Youles or McProley of course!)

      • Indeed, I warned TM about Crazy_Del a while back ;)

      • @Taylor HaHa. I do apologise mate. There used to be a time when I wasn’t bothered at all by trophies. Then Youles and I got the Portal 2 plat together. Ever since I have caught the bug!

  9. Tony all day long.

    Btw, some new videos of LA and Airport from the forthcoming DLC went up the other day. Still no release date yet though…

    • I think i’d be more interested in the price at the moment – I really would like more levels (plus the revert of course!) & am hoping that as the game itself was a little dearer than first suspected (it was originally rumoured to be £10), they will be on the ‘affordable’ side, but that may very well just be wishful thinking! :D

  10. i played X-Men Destiny last week.

    oh yeah, SPOILER HERE

    not bad, not great but definitely not awful.
    it’s fun but repetitive, and kinda short, though i still have a brotherhood playthrough to try.
    i went with the X-Men first time.

    there was one thing about the game that i just couldn’t get over though.
    what did they have against Pixie?
    firstly, she’s not a valley girl, the welsh valleys maybe but not the ones in california.
    Eve Myles could have been fantastic in that role.

    and why’d they have to kill her?
    it’s like they needed her because she’s a teleporter,
    of course this shows they really don’t know the character because her ability to teleport is not one of her mutant powers, it’s a spell she was taught.
    i guess they couldn’t get permission to kill Nightcrawler for easy drama, which is ironic as they killed him in the comics.

    anyway, if this was a weview article i’d say rent, or bargain bin if you can find it cheap enough.
    i got it on sale in hmv for a tenner, new.

    • I think it comes down to Nightcrawler being a bit better known & a little more iconic as a member of the X-men (appearing in a film generally helps!), whereas the majority of people wouldn’t have heard of Pixie before this game. I certainly didn’t.

      So overall, probably not fan service, but ‘non-fan’ service if anything i think.

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