GameStop CEO Only Expects One New Console in 2013

It seems everyone and their dog has an opinion on when we can expect new consoles. Well now it’s everyone and their dog, and GameStop CEO Paul Raines.

The Wii U, we expect it at holiday. This week, I’m getting a lot of rumours that are very interesting about 2013.

We have not been expecting two more consoles in 2013. We’re expecting Wii U this holiday, another one next year, and another one in ’14. These rumours change every week, but we’re hearing more about next year.

Given Sony’s ten year life cycle ambitions, 2014 is definitely not out of the question, although would they want to give Microsoft another head start?


Is it feasible the 360’s successor could actually launch last?

Source: Polygon



  1. Microsoft have shown arrogant complacency with their gaming lineup over the past few months, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they shoot themselves into last place over next-generation, like Sony did this gen with their assumption that people would buy the PS3 because the PS2 sold the most.

    • As in, they’ll launch last in a potentially rushed attempt.

  2. I would have thought Sony will be doing everything possible to launch the PS4 at least at the same time as Microsoft’s new box.

  3. Sony and Microsoft know exactly what Microsoft’s head start was worth so I find it hard to believe that any of the two companies would be willing to set the release of their next console to 2014, knowing their competitor will gain a huge advantage out of it.
    Didn’t Sony even issue a statement that basically said that they would definitely beat Microsoft to it (concerning next gen)?

    • They didn’t say they would beat it but definitely understand the massive difference it caused to their numbers. They would want it out if not at the same time, before.

    • I debate just how much of the 360 early success was from the head start and how much of it was from the higher price point of the PS3. I think knowing the PS3 was going to cost 50% more than a 360 turned more customers to the 360. If Sony would have launched the PS3 at the same time but also at the same price as a 360 I believe MS would have failed, especially since it took that long to fix that RRoD thing. IMO – Price trumps all, if Sony releases a PS4 a year later, but its more powerful but at the same price as a 720, one holiday season is all it’ll take to negate that past years head start. personally I don’t think theres enough people ready for a new console to where Sony has to turn the PS4 release into a race.

      • Price was not really an issue during the 360’s first year (2005 to 2006), as it was the only new machine in the market. It benefited from just being there to create an user base and shape up a game library that could present itself as an option to anything Sony proposed in late 2006. Price was an issue to Microsoft regarding the Wii, which was $150 less expensive. I believe that had Sony and Microsoft launched at the same time, they’d have sold about the same, even if the XBox was less expensive than the 20GB PS3, as both machines would have only 1st generation of games and Sony’s hype would be a strong component. I mean, I had the original XBox, but who cared the last generation for the XBox? The head start Sony gave Microsoft proved fatal to their strategy.

      • the first Xbox was pretty cool. It’s online games were miles better then Sonys, plus it was alot easier to use the online games- Sony’s add on modem was horrible.
        If releasing first is so important the Dreamcast would be king, but even after releasing first the lack of software killed the dream. The head start is only that, it doesn’t guarantee victory. If price of the PS3 wasn’t an issue after the head start Sony would have eventually taken the lead, especially after Blu-ray won the HD disc war, but it wasn’t until the lower price of the Slim that Sony started to catch up, but even today, 6/7 years later they’re still behind. As much as MS head start helped them to create a user base, Sony higher price point damaged theirs.

  4. It’s hard to predict when Microsoft are going to strike at the moment, particularly when you consider they are releasing new Gears and Halo games in the coming months. You would think they would want a major launch title to shift units but they don’t exactly have a huge number of exclusives these days.

    • True. I honestly can’t see MS releasing their next gen console without a new Halo game as a launch title…

      • Indeed. That said the 360 launch line up featured a couple of nice exclusives (Kameo, Condemned and Project Gotham 3) so who knows, maybe they stop focussing on their boring Kinect/SmartArse technology for a bit and put together a couple of fresh IPs

      • Yeano. Not going to happen… ;)
        Kameo was cool!

  5. I’m thinking they’ll both be out next year, with on of the companies having a press conference sometime before E3 to be the first to announce their console.

  6. Well i expect there to be one games retailer in 2013. and it ain’t gamestop.

  7. I understand that Sony don’t want to give MS a head start but they can’t afford to rush out the PS4 just to have a chance against MS instead of playing catch up again. I believe they should release it when it is ready and has a fair amount of exclusives. Such as UC4, TLG,etc.. as exclusives do help to sell a console. I can see the Xbox 89.01 being announced next year then being released the year after as it seems the 360 is starting to run out of steam.

    But i can’t see Sony announcing the PS4 next year as the PS3 is still in it’s prime and 2014 is the earliest we can expect an announcement.

  8. I think it unlikely either Sony or Microsoft would allow the other too much of a headstart, so i assume one late ’13 and one early ’14. I also expect at least one of them to be announced around the time of the Wii U launch.

  9. Whichever one is released first will enjoy the best sales, especially if it’s the only next gen console for xmas 2013. Having one company release theirs a year later would be a massive mistake, even if they can guarantee plenty of releases right up until the end; people will jump on the next gen console like moths to a flame I reckon.

  10. The thing I think people seem to forget is that the jump from Xbox to 360 and PS2 to PS3 was a rather great one. The old consoles were mainly for games and DVDs, plus just about managing online. The current consoles have all sorts of gadgets and gizmos and have been catered as home entertain hubs, it’s not just about the games. It’s this reason that I think Microsoft had a major advantage on Sony, because people wanted to be able to do more with their console that wasn’t currently possible.

    Now with a new generation coming along are we going to see much of a technological advancement other than better graphics and more RAM that would warrant people to jump ship from, presumably, an alias they have spent hours of time and effort with? I doubt it. I’d say by now people are happy with what they are being offered from either Sony or Microsoft to wait for the respective releases. Unless something major comes along and shakes up the way consoles are used just as the PS3 and 360 did.

    • I can see where you are coming from, but I waited for the PS3, because I had faith in Sony delivering a quality piece of kit. All free (option to upgrade to P+) and used as a blu-ray/streaming films etc etc too. Not much different to the 360 in my opinion.

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