First Video From Insomniac’s “Fuse”

Overstrike, from developers Insomniac, showed some real promise. It looked quirky enough to be different and the characters had – well – character.

This new video of the game, which is now called Fuse, is taken from the game itself, and teases the first level. There’s no gameplay, just the introduction to the level.


It looks like Overstrike’s stylings are out of the window, with Fuse taking on the over-familiar soulless FPS visages that see most shooters mesh into one gloopy soup.

Still, that’s just the faces of the soldiers – the game could be great.



  1. I bet Insomniac already regret switching to EA…

  2. It’s definitely Overstrike, then. Ah.

  3. Reminds me of CoD. And those faces looked forgettable, hard to believe this is from the creators of Ratchet and Clank.

  4. Insomniac has disappointed me in recent times with R2 and R3 but I am still curious to find out more about this game.

  5. Hard to know what to make of it from that …
    .. but this looked really promising.. from E3 2011..

    • that trailer actually looks like an awesome and funny game!

    • seems like all the humour of that trailer is gone if this new video is typical of what is in the final game.

  6. Insomniac dropped greatly in my expectations after Resistance 2 and 3 and that video fails to spark any interest. Very bland.

    • I agree here R2&3 were very average, infact I hated R3. This doesn’t have much for me to take interest…so far anyway.

  7. To me the pictures of the soldiers don’t look overly different to how they looked in the E3 trailer. Just hoping the game was kept the same sense of humour and OTT nature shown in the same trailer

    • I’m not having as much as a problem with the soldiers as with the fact that this might as well have been taken from a Call of Duty level briefing. Throughout the trailer I was expecting someone to say a joke, break the fourth wall, or just everything exploding in a ridiculous manner, but all I got was a blueprint of a building and a boring mission briefing. Which is dramatically different from this:

  8. Quoting H.J. Simpson:


    • Better than quoting O.J. Simpson i suppose.

      Although i’m not sure what a memorable quote of his would actually be. “I didn’t do it” maybe? No, that was Bart Simpson.

  9. Thought I was watching a intro to a Modern Warfare mission. Soldiers couldnt get more generic if they tried, I bet the redheaded woman is all sassy and the black guy is the heavy weapons chap.

  10. I dare say this is very EA…….as in Enormously Average.

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