European PSN Store Update: 08/05/13 – Insomniac’s Fuse Lands On PS3

Slim pickings so far this week, although as ever the list of games available to download is likely to increase in length over the next few hours.

In the meantime, eager Insomniac fans can grab the Fuse demo. Running at 2.3GB it’s hardly a quick download, but it should give you an idea of what this EA published title is all about.

PS3 gamers can also grab Alien Spidy (£7.99, or the free demo).

Frima’s Nun Attack has also surfaced. It’s £1.99, for the PS Vita.

Remember there’s a new ‘indie’ section on the Store now, with 50% off Retro City Rampage, and there’s a fair chunk of new PlayStation Mobile games out today too.

Oh, and Sine Mora is out on PlayStation Plus, for Vita.

Hopefully more will appear later today. If it does, we’ll update.


  1. So do we know where the Indie section is likely to be? & will that require a patch at user end, or is that something they are going to do at their end (like they do with sale items & whatnot)?

    • In case anyone else had the same question, Velocity Ultra HD is released on 15th May, free for PS+ subscribers. (

      • Cool didn’t realise that would be free for plussers. Roll on next Wednesday!! :)

      • Was that Sine Mora ever free?

      • Sine More is free as of today for the Vita for about the usual one month I guess.

        The TSA article was mistaken on Velocity ultra HD. The official blog noted it will be next week, the 15th

  2. Hoping for lots of DLC! Any Blops2 or Bioshock Infinite DLC since they’re pre-paid, the pre-order Dishonored DLC, and the LBPV and Sound Shapes DLC. Come on PSN store, take my money!

  3. Nothing to tempt me this week. Or is there? Hmm.

    Yep, more tables for the Pinball Arcade. Is it wrong to be so addicted to that? Have I really spent that much on it?? Table pack 12? I’d normally object to that much DLC.

    Am I supposed to make a joke about balls here? Is that how things work?

    • I think you’re meant to get your coat :p

  4. Mmmm fuse 50/50 @ the minute..not a bad game not a great game.

    • Bollocks. I’d buy it if I had spare cash but mines is tied up in Metro LL.

    • Excellent, thanks for the heads up. Still >£30 at most online retailers in the UK.

    • Wowe now

  5. they’ve got the preorder for Remember Me on the store.
    who’s gonna buy that when the people who preordered Deadly premonition still waiting for the game they paid for?

    and somehow they’ve even managed a last minute delay to the Soul Sacrifice soundtrack.

    still, if that’s gonna fill their screw up quota for the week, eu ps3 owners should consider themselves lucky.
    let’s hope they don’t go for bonus points.

  6. Got Vice City and Retro City Rampage for £8.49! Not bad at all! The search function on the store is still crap though. Search for ‘Vice’ and Vice City Stories doesn’t even come up, but it’s there under the PS2 section, albeit NOT in the GTA sale for some reason.

  7. Terraria’s out next week right. I’m sure I read last week that it was out in 2 weeks on the EU Store.

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