Rymdkapsel Marks A Bumper Week For PlayStation Mobile

I’ve not played a PlayStation Mobile game since Life of Pixel, but it looks like there’s at least two games I need to pick up today.


First up is Grapefrukt’s Rymdkapsel, a beautifully minimal cross between real-time strategy and tower defense. I adore the way the game looks, and whilst it’s expensive for a Mobile game (£3.99 / $4.99) it looks like there’s a lot to it.

More curiously is VitaBounce, a cheap (£0.79 / $0.99) and cheap looking game that comes with an already (judging by my Twitter feed) cult soundtrack. Yeah, it’s silly, but it’s purposefully so. At least, I think so. Or hope so.

Have a listen:

There’s also Apocalypse Defense (£2.99 / $3.79) – below, iFishing Saltwater (same price) and the wicked looking Nunnageddon (£1.19 / $1.49) in with Sola Radio (£0.79 / $0.99), an online radio station player. These are all available now on the PSN Store.

It does seem like PlayStation Mobile hasn’t got the developer side properly sorted – one comment online points to the developer having no idea his game was out today (and so hadn’t switched the server on which is something they really need to fix.

Other PlayStation Mobile developers spoke out recently, and there’s more on TheSixthAxis shortly where that came from. At least Sony are thinking about promoting (high profile) indie games.



  1. It’s shame that Playstation Mobile is not available across Europe :/

    • Yeah, that would be a big step in promotion. Given they still haven’t rolled out the video store, my expectations are low.

      • I think this would be simpler than the video store even: low bandwidth needed and no subtitles required :)

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