Check Out The Borderlands 2 Skill Trees

2K’s official Borderlands 2 website has added a sampling of the game’s Skill Trees to its Characters section. You’ll need to navigate the age gate through the link and then click on the “Characters” menu option but once in, you can select one of the four main stars to have a look at their Skill Tree.

You get a bundle of skill points to spend so that you can explore different upgrade paths and see what your best course of action might be, once you’ve got your hands on the game.


Source: Official Site



  1. It looks just like the first borderlands just more organised

  2. Can’t wait for this to come out. Been brushing up my skills on the first one.

  3. Where is the i can’t be arsed to unlock skills by playing it and will pay to unlock everything skill tree?

    I’ve not played the original so i’ve got no clue to what the skill tree’s skills actually do and if they have improved it or not. Does look accessible and not complicated as well as being easy to navigate.

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