EA and Sony Sign a Deal to Give at Least $1 Million to Charity

EA has signed a deal with Sony Pictures to cross promote Medal of Honour: Warfighter. The deal, which will see EA’s shooter promoted alongside a Sony Pictures movie called Zero Dark Thirty will result in a minimum donation of $1 million dollars to selected charities.

The movie is about Operation Neptune Spear, the special forces operation to find and kill Osama Bin Laden in May 2011.


There will be a Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack for Warfighter which will be free to those who buy the limited edition of the game. Both maps in the pack are set in areas of Pakistan governed by tribal leaders. One is based around a notorious gun market and the other is set in the mountainous north of the country. The map pack is due on December 17th, with $1 per sale going to charities set up to help US veterans.

In Europe, the map pack will be called The Hunt (which we reported on earlier) and it also comes with 6 weapons load outs inspired by the Navy SEALS and the Pakistani military.



  1. okay i take back what i said on the previous post

  2. I guess the price of the DLC just went up!

    • lol

    • LMAO, no doubt.

      The title of this story should be changed to MoH customers donate $1 million to charity

      • That’s the kind of attitude that makes people think “Tesco give 5p every time I use their cash machine, so I’ve done my bit.” Which is all kinds of wrong.

      • How so Peter, thats not what i said at all.

      • well, because MoH customers are not donating to charity. They’re buying a map pack because they want to own a map pack. If there’s any charitable intent at all from the consumer, it’s not a significant factor.

  3. Haha, damned if they do, damned if they don’t…..poor sods can’t win!

    • Sad but true. I never understood all the EA hate.

  4. buy our game about killing people to incentivise people to kill people, congratulations EA and Sony, you have both outdone yourselves this time.
    Maybe Sony and EA could let users get the Drone+ app which apple have rejected and donate $1 to the families of those innocents killed eaxh time to make themselves feel better

    • please explain how this incentivises killing people

  5. Worthy charities i’m sure and prehaps they’ll get some more awareness through this action.

  6. Excellent idea, veterans have helped build the game so they should benefit from the sales. Would be happy to see other publishers follow suit.

  7. Announced this on the same day as showing the DLC to lessen the blow mabay.
    Good that they are giving to charity though, it will go to good use.

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