New Fuse (Nee Overstrike) “Sizzle” Trailer – Guns, Baddies And Brown

Witness a new trailer for Insomniac’s Fuse, the game previously known as Overstrike. It was a quirky looking co-op shooter with some strong characterisation and a dash of humour.

It’s now a fairly generic looking me-too blaster (under the wing of EA) with a gun that looks like a wall and lots of little alien (Fuse is an alien energy) balls everywhere.


And some pretty nasty music, too.

Fuse was recently demoed to “top tier” journalists, so you can find previews elsewhere on the web. To me, though, this went from a must-have to something I’ll very much have to wait and see on.

Shame – I absolutely adored Ratchet and Clank and the Resistance series.



  1. The only thing I like is the weapons. Wish they would have stayed with the original style that was in the first trailer. :/

  2. That’s what you get for signing your soul to EA you game becomes every game not unique.

    Should have signed with Sony exclusively & let them own you & shut you down after resistance prequel

  3. I know its a different studio and publisher, but i can see this becoming another Haze, premise was great and had good potential to begin with, but hits £15 3 weeks after launch!

  4. Could be exaggerating but I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear a single line of dialogue from the characters in this trailer. Hell, that was pretty much the only thing that hooked me in Overstrike’s original debut. Boo.

    Hopefully Insomniac’s experimental approach to the FPS genre will make this worthwhile.

  5. This game is now, literally, Plan B :p

  6. Well, at least it doesn’t look as brown as Resistance…pretty close though.

    Something tells me Insomniac is never going to rise as high as they did with Ratchet & Clank from now on :(

  7. looks like it could still be ok, it’s just a shame it also looks like it’s lost all the humour from the early trailer.

  8. Still looks ok, nice team work and 4 player co-op, but like many have said, would have preferred the first trailers game then this one :|

  9. Ok, so let’s draw a comparison:
    Overstrike trailer: FUSE trailer:
    -Great Punk-Rock music. – I don’t even know what kind of music is that…
    -Characters who had character. – Characters which could have jumped out from any
    (although it WAS a CGI trailer) modern shooter.
    – A regular grunt who actually – A mech.
    turns out to be a cyborg.
    – Other colours than brown – Brown and gray.
    and gray

    • I just realised the comment system doesn’t take into account multiple spaces.
      So, to reiterate:
      Overstrike Trailer: Great Punk-Rock music, Characters with character (although it WAS a CGI trailer), A regular grunt who actually turns out to be a cyborg, more colours than brown and gray.
      FUSE trailer: I can’t say what type of music that was; Character who could have jumped out from any modern shooter; a mech; Brown and gray.

  10. With as much hate as FUSE has been getting from everybody here you’d think it was a new Nintendo console :)
    While I hate EA as much as the next EA hater, I’ll at least wait until the demo (usually) until I condemn a game. After all the game could still have the attitude and humor, it’s kinda pointless to say it’s changed when all we saw was a (probably rendered) E3 reveal teaser. It’s like blaming HALO for not looking or sounding like it’s live action trailer. With the exception of Resistance 3, (which I figure had more to do with Sony) insomniac IMO has earned the benefit of the doubt that Fuse will be a decent to great game.

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