Dragon Age III: Inquisition Officially Announced

Bioware’s Mike Darrah has officially announced Dragon Age III: Inquisition through an open letter to fans.

“I am pleased to confirm that we are, in fact, working on the next Dragon Age game… We are going to be as open as we can. We will continue to have a dialogue with you and answer what questions we can. Keep providing us with your feedback. I’m excited about what we are working on and I hope that you will be too”

Not much has been revealed about the title but we do know that the title has been in development for almost two years. Dragon Age III: Inquisition will is using DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine as the base to power the game and there are hints there will be armour and follower customisation.


The full letter can be read here, though most of it is a personal history of Mr Darrah. Dragon Age III: Inquisition is expected in late 2013.

Source: Dragon Age: Inquisition



  1. THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE FECKING REMOVED FOLLOWER CUSTOMASTION IN THE FIRST FECKIGN PLACE! Sorry, DA is a bit of a sore topic for me. I assume they mean the ability to choose what your followers are wearing and i suspect it will have fecking MP that will tie into the sp that will affect the ending and you can only play as a human.

    But seeing as EA were kind enough not to force Bioware to develop it in under 1 year, i do have some hope for this. If it’s more hack and slash then RPG and the main plot is even worse then DA2’s, i won’t bother with Bioware ever again. I do look forward to choosing 3 colours in order to get an ending. What? too soon?Oh and it had better not be Dragon Effect again. Move it away from being a fantasy Mass Effect and try to be closer to the original game. And don’t make every love interest bisexual as it felt like it was there in DA2 just to please everyone. *removes self from laptop to avoid a massive 5 page rant about Dragon Effect 2.*

    • Arghhh i have been waiting for your reaction.

    • It must have MP as the boss of EA has been boasting that he hasn’t greenlit a single game that doesn’t have MP. That alone fills me with the fear.

  2. I really don’t want to get my hopes up for this after the hash that was DA2 but I like the original that much, I want to see another game of that quality and epicness (is that a word?!) again.

    If you’re listening Bioware, please don’t disappoint me again :s

  3. more than five separate environments would be nice this time.

  4. I am not interested, releasing games so fast as EA does with their Dragon Ages series, tells me, the development is rushed, in other words, not ANY good. The first games was okay, since then not bothered any more. Demon and Dark Souls is more my cup of tea.

  5. Dragon Age: Origins was great, and I also enjoyed the first part of Dragon Age 2 a lot, until the same area started to repeat over and over again. I haven’t even finished it yet. In theory it was an interesting concept, seeing the same city at different times and how the events evolve, but in reality it was just boring. Maybe if they’d actually changed some stuff in the environment to reflect that time had passed. Also the story of the different parts of DA2 had little connection to each other, and none of them had really anything to do with DA:O. I hope they learned from the DA2 mistakes and all the negative feedback and produce a great game again.

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