Can The New Dead Island CGI Trailer Match The First One?

This is the new trailer for Dead Island: Riptide, and the publishers have clearly tried to come up with something that could match the original (backwards) CGI trailer for the first game.


It’s nice, but it doesn’t work nearly as well.

We previewed Riptide a little while back and came away quite impressed. Let us know what you think of this new video, and whether you’re interested in the game.



  1. You’re not fooling anyone this time, Deep silver!

    • Spot on.

      • you sure? they “fooled” everyone with there last trailer but produced a more than brilliant IP which most fans fell in love with! ………….runs off to watch trailers of call of battlefield ea games number 19 with assassins in the bushes.

  2. I’m very interested in the game, but it seems they don’t have as high of a budget for the trailer this time around, but as I recall Deep Silver didn’t make the trailer for the first one.

    • huh o_O you didn’t see the trailer for dead island! seriously YouTube it!

      • Read his comment again dude that’s not what he said!

  3. based upon the first trailer the only thing that will be included from this, is that at some point during the game, you will have a lighter.

  4. I quite liked the trailer. I didn’t play the first game so can’t comment on how good it was. Wont be buying this anyway.

  5. To answer the question….. No
    The 1st trailer was brilliant, the music, the little girl and everything in reverse was fantastic.
    After seeing this… I was not impressed by it.
    Still loved the 1st trailer. In fact heading to YouTube now to watch it again and then to find a music song – Press X to Jason lol

  6. Still a good trailer. But after being fooled by the first this will be a miss. Disliked Dead Island, the tropical setting was great, but then they added the city and sewers which was awful, put me off the game and never returned.

    • Yeah that really ruined it, but as it sounds this is all going to be tropical, they really sound like they’ve listened to every problem people had with the first.

  7. That was really quite poignant. Didn’t really need to do anything more than that, and it was very nicely done.

    • Can your comment appear on comment of the week? If it can, it should!

      • Yep I enjoyed that. To be honest it’s not going to live up to the first one as we know now how the game itself is. This trailer for me was a nice continuation in dramaticism that I enjoyed from the first.

  8. Feels like a bit of a cheap imitation of the original trailer. The graphics, the music, the emotional impact. All a bit more “budget” feeling. Let’s hope the game doesn’t follow suit.

  9. Loved the first trailer and game, *liked* this trailer, and will love the game if it’s anything like the last one.

  10. I enjoyed that trailer, but what was the point to it? The game isn’t going to feature any harrowing scenes of people coping with a zombie virus it’s going to be a game where you run around smashing the crap out of zombies with stuck together bits of furniture.

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