Need For Speed Most Wanted: Single Player Trailer

EA have released a brand new trailer for this year’s Need For Speed game. It’s a single player trailer, so there’s loads of cut-scenes and angles that you won’t see during gameplay, but there is some standard footage towards the end.

The video also shows off the Speedwall feature, which looks like it’s very nicely integrated.

The video goes nicely with the previously released multiplayer trailer, and the rather amusingly daft Kinect voice-control system, which can be seen here.

The game’s out in the first week of November.


  1. I’m not really into car games, used to love NFS on ps2 they took away the best thing about the game customisation but I will pick this up for the vita.

    Also it looks just like hot persuit but in the city

  2. I love Criterion.

    This needs to be cross buy. Please.

  3. ohhh! sounds like an upgraded version of Most Wanted on the PS2!
    will buy this! don’t know it it will be day 1 though since i have tons of new things i want to buy and have to buy…. =D

  4. Any Vita footage of this beauty yet?

  5. All these trailer edited clips are less enticing than a decent bit of commentated gameplay, but then with NFS games they always have been and I’ve still loved the final product. Possibly a day 1 for me, which is a rarity.

  6. hmm… they are talking it up big and I’m like hmm maybe… then he says “smash through the billboard” and I’m suddenly thinking burnout paradise city… I am definitely interested but I going to have to wait for a demo before I commit tho.

  7. Until today, every car game Criterion touches is worth playing imho. Just don’t know if I should get the PS3 or Vita version.

  8. Need for Speed Most Wanted updated with a hint of Hot Pursuit and a smidgeon of Burnout Paradise…….all taking place in an open world created by CRITERION, just gimme now!!!

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